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Just Starting Out

Approximately how long will H3.2 timber garden boxing last if protected with Metalex, and lined with Polythene?

Just Starting Out

Growing in Experience
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I have an existing colourbond fence as a boundary fence between my property and the adjoining property. I continually have flooding when heavy rain po ...

Growing in Experience
24 replies

Hello everyone, I'm trying to build a deck in our alfresco. At this point, it's still on the planning stage. I've seen a few posts here and there on ...

Just Starting Out
4 replies

Well, it looks like we've made a mistake.We used merbau batons to create a very long side fence and it looked fantastic for the first few months.And n ...

Just Starting Out
3 replies

Hi all,I'll preface my question by saying I am a complete DIY rookie, but I'm eager to learn My doorsteps are an eyesore and I would like to give the ...

Just Starting Out
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   Hi Legends. I’ve just sanded back my deck and there are stains left from the bosses pot plants. I’ve tried vinegar, bleach and metho with no joy. ...

Getting Established
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I’d like advice on the best chisel/s to purchase for general use AND use on Hardwood. I have read mixed reviews on the Trojan brand (whom I mostly pur ...

Having an Impact
116 replies

I have an alfresco area which I'd like to deck. The joists (Green lines) will most probably fix straight into the concrete and ideally, I'd like to g ...

Just Starting Out
10 replies

hi, does anyone know of any bunnings stores that still have any of these stands left for sale any where in Australia. Thanks     

Just Starting Out
1 reply

Hello, the front step which is the bottom of the door frame is merbau and is oiled with Intergrain Universal Oil. The part on the outside of the door ...

Finding My Feet
9 replies

Hi there I have a rainwater tank connected to the house roof (new build) and whoever installed the Holman Stormwater Caps on the intake pipes put th ...

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