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Finding My Feet
9 replies

Hi there. I'm a long time lurker on this site and have found so many excellent pieces of advice. Thank you all. An incredible resource. But now I'm i ...

Growing in Experience
19 replies

Hi there, Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated... We are building a new deck in an area with pavers in the back. We have an uneven area of ...

Getting Established
5 replies

Hi, Recently, I am tiling the front porch. But I find there is mental net surrounding the wall. What is this? and how to deal with them. Can I use gap ...

Just Starting Out
6 replies

We got a gap between our front brick fence and side colourbond fence. Any ones has a good idea to close this gap? Thanks!    

Community Newcomer
1 reply

     lawn help please! My front lawn is a disgrace it seems to have three different kinds of lawn growing, a weedy buffalo type, and two seperate ...

Cultivating a Following
1 reply

Hi, so we're renting this apartment, and unfortunately the birds like to sit along the concrete wall of the balcony and poo everywhere.I clean it regu ...

Just Starting Out
2 replies

I have gates that are approx 2.5 m long and 2m high. The construction is metal frame and wood slats. The ball hinge snapped and I need to replace it a ...

Just Starting Out
1 reply

Hello i have an area approx 3x7m with a clay base. I am looking at gravelling the area for an entertainment area. Is it recommended to have road base ...

Getting Established
4 replies

Hello, I'm hoping to add something to my front gate in order to screen everything eye-level and below from view of passersby. My front gate basi ...

Just Starting Out
2 replies

Im building an out door kitchen that incorporates a brick wood oven and BBQ. Can I lay Besser block straight onto the pavers or do I need to pull the ...

Growing in Experience
25 replies

Hi everyone. I’m hoping someone could help me on this. I’ve been thinking to deck the whole area of my backyard (see photo). The area is around 25 m ...

Just Starting Out
3 replies

Hallo community I'm building my first house. I have pavers on the alfresco. Can I build the deck on top of the pavers. Many thanks.  

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