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10 ways to build a raised garden bed

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Raised garden beds are a popular choice for growing vegetables, herbs and flowers. Weeds and pests are easier to manage, you can garden without the strain of bending and kneeling, and you can more easily create ideal conditions for plants to flourish. 


With a variety of building and material options, a raised bed can also be a feature of your garden and a simple and affordable project.


Check out these raised garden beds by Bunnings Workshop community members and let us know if we can help with your own build.


1. Timber sleepers


Raised vegetable garden bed by @bruceprince 


Workshop member Bruce used Pine sleepers to build these terrific 2.4m by 4.8m garden beds that are still going strong after several years.




Raised garden beds to keep pets out by @LisasGarden 


Lisa planted in raised beds to keep pets from digging up or eating the vegetables and plants.




Raised garden bed with netting by @Meling 


Workshop member Meling grew vegetables from seed for the first time in this netted raised garden bed.




2. Corrugated iron 


Corrugated iron raised garden beds by @Pancho 


Workshop member Pancho's raised garden beds use timber and corrugated iron to make an attractive and functional feature for the front garden.




Raised garden bed using corrugated iron by @moshiach77 


Workshop member moshiach77 built this simple raised garden bed using corrugated iron.




3. Galvanised steel


Galvanised steel raised garden beds by @Andy_J 


Andy used layers of sticks, dried leaves, potting mix and sugarcane mulch to fill this raised garden bed.




4. Wicking bed


Raised wicking garden bed by @Adam_W 


Adam used an elevated timber frame clad with composite decking boards for this self-watering wicking bed.




Wicking raised garden bed by @Maursie 


Workshop member Maursie created a low-maintenance self-watering solution after assembling this large raised garden bed.




5. False bottom


Tall man raised garden beds with drainage by @mdstorrs 


Workshop member mdstorrs built drainage grids close to the top of these raised garden beds so they don't need to be filled all the way.




6. Garden bed as fence


Garden bed front fence by @timjeffries 


Using garden beds as a front fence has not only provided a functional and beautiful feature of Tim's home, but has also helped strengthen bonds with the local community.




7. Decking timber


Built-in raised garden bed by @JoeAzza 


Joe's built-in garden bed was constructed using decking timber and built as part of a low-level deck, allowing rainwater to be soaked up by the soil rather than accumulating below.




Raised garden bed with decking timber cladding by @maknilsin 


Workshop member Mark clad his bed with decking timber as well as adding bench seating. 




8. Hugelkultur garden bed


Hugelkultur raised garden bed using Colorbond fencing by @Aussie-Garden 


Hugelkultur beds are built from the ground up with items like logs, sticks and branches to fill the bottom before soil is added. Workshop member Aussie-Garden built an affordable raised garden bed with leftover housing materials, scrap timber and wood debris to save on soil.




Hugelkultur raised garden beds by @TheSaltyreefer 


Workshop member TheSaltyreefer filled these garden beds with woody debris that breaks down and nourishes the soil.




9. Recycled pallet timber


Recycled pallet timber raised garden bed by @nolifemanual 


Workshop member nolifemanual made garden beds using recycled pallet timber and stained with Cabot's Merbau deck stain.




10. Fence palings


Raised garden beds using fence palings by @Poppop 


The bottomless structure of Workshop member Poppop's raised garden beds allow helpful worms to nourish the soil.




Raised garden bed using fence palings by @Sporky 


Workshop member Sporky's simple raised garden bed was made using fence palings and layered with paper, manure and soil.




How to build a raised garden bed


Grow your own produce in a stunning garden feature by following the step-by-step guide How to build a raised garden bed by horticulturist and experienced Workshop member Adam.


garden bed.png


For beginners, Adam has also shared a step-by-step guide to building a simple raised bed, while Bunnings D.I.Y. expert Mitch has shared how to build a raised garden bed using pallets




How to fill a raised garden bed


Once you've built your new raised garden bed, follow the step-by-step instructions from horticulturalist Noelle in How to fill a raised garden bed to ensure your plants flourish. 


More popular raised garden bed projects


Find more great ideas for your D.I.Y. raised garden bed in our Top 10 most popular raised garden beds.

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