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D.I.Y. concrete vase

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D.I.Y. concrete vase

Getting on board the industrial concrete trend by making these concrete vases over the weekend. Surprisingly very easy, using quick set concrete meant each one only took 15mins to make.  Might spray paint the bottom with some metallic paints - what do you think? 





Community manager's note: As Hannah's project has been so popular, our resident Bunnings D.I.Y. expert Mitch has created an easy-to-follow step-by-step guide How to make cement planter pots with a full list of tools and materials. 

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Community Manager

Re: DIY Concrete Vase

They look fantastic! Well done @hannah. Many thanks for sharing. 


Let me also extend a very warm welcome to the Workshop community. Looking forward to seeing what else you come up with.



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Re: DIY Concrete Vase

Wow! I'd love to try this myself!


Do you have any instructions you could share? 

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Re: DIY Concrete Vase

It's so easy @maryanne



Quick set cement 

Plastic Milk bottle (we used a Paul's Farm House bottle to get this shape, cut the top off to your desired height)

Plastic Cup 


Rocks / Metal Fittings - something heavy to weigh the cup down



Mix the cement in a bucket (follow instructions on the tub)

Lubricate the plastic milk bottle and plastic cup with the WD-40

Pour cement into the milk bottle, tap it down a few times to get some of the air out 

Place the cup in the centre, place rocks or metal fittings in to weigh the cup down 

Give it another couple of taps to settle the concrete and use a ruler to smooth the rim

Leave for about 15mins.  Once dry simply twist the cup out from the middle and remove the plastic from the outside.

Re: DIY Concrete Vase

Thanks @hannah! I'm definitely going to give it a go!

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Re: DIY Concrete Vase

Wow - these are awesome! I might give this project a crack myself. Thanks for the insructions!


I would try painting with a metallic finish. It would complement the industrial feel quite nicely. Maybe a small stripe down the base? I've just done a qick Google and it looks like someone has just done that - and it looks great!



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Re: DIY Concrete Vase

They look great. Now wait for the addiction to kick in :wink:
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Building a Reputation

Re: DIY Concrete Vase

These look great. Would love to try to make some.

Building a Reputation

Re: DIY Concrete Vase

These look fantastic. I would like to give it a try. Sounds very easy! 


Many thanks for sharing. 



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Re: DIY Concrete Vase

Saw these triangular concrete vases on etsy. I think they are beautiful. Not sure what I could use for a triangular mould though...



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