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How to build a stick vac stand

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How to build a stick vac stand

IMG20210824165305.jpegG'day Everyone,


Stick vacuum cleaners are great. But oftentimes you find that it does not stand well on its own. It usually ends up sliding or crashing to the floor. Having a stand allows you to park the stick vac to any part of the house without having to worry that it will fall and get damaged. 









1. Measure the height, width, and length of your stick vac.

2. Place your stick vac against the wall and measure from the wall to the front of the vac head and add 100mm to your measurements.

3. Cut two lengths of your measurements to serve as the feet of the stand.

4. Measure the width of the vac head and add 20mm to the overall measurement and mark this as back.

5. Cut one length of the "back".

6. Join the three pieces together in a "U" configuration with the "back" piece in the middle and the feet on the sides of the back piece.

7. Drill pilot holes for the screws to prevent the heads from snapping off.

8. Position the screws in an offset manner to provide rigidity.

9. Using the height measurement of your stick vac cut one length to serve as the post.

10. Screw the post to the inside center of the "U".

11. Place your stick vac in the stand and slip the stick vac holder to the post and mark its location.

12. Screw the stick vac holder to the post.


red vac stand1.jpgred vac stand2.jpgred vac stand3.jpgred vac stand4.jpgred vac stand5.jpgIMG20210824165012.jpgIMG20210824165149.jpgIMG20210824165209.jpgIMG20210824165222.jpgIMG20210824165305.jpgIMG20210824165357.jpg





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Projects Editor
Projects Editor

Re: How to build a stick vac stand

Great idea @redracer01. Thanks for sharing this clever project and including step-by-step instructions so members can easily give it a go themselves.




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