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Keeping the weeds at bay

Community Manager
Community Manager

Keeping the weeds at bay


Workshop community update #30


Hi all,


Given the hard-working, hands-on D.I.Y. spirit of the Workshop community, it’s no surprise that the vast majority of members said this week that when it comes to weeds, they get down on their knees and yank them out by hand.


That said, it was good to read a few other handy hints this week for keeping weeds at bay. Please keep the tips coming. I’m sure all of our gardens will thank you for it.


There’s been lots of other interesting D.I.Y. and gardening conversation during the past week. Some of the most popular Workshop posts have included:








I’m also looking forward to Workshop members continuing to add their pictures of unusual vegies from their garden and how they would describe their wardrobe.


Special thanks to our top contributors to Workshop this week. The community members who posted the most popular content in the past seven days were @MoonshineBen, @AndrewJones, @Isobel, @Ajmod and @Andy_Mann. Thanks again for your terrific contribution to the community.



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