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Saving money as the temperature drops

Community Manager
Community Manager

Saving money as the temperature drops


Workshop community update #21


It's nearly winter. The temperature is starting to drop and our power bills are on the rise.


Fortunately, the Workshop community has plenty of great advice for reducing your power bill in what was one of our most popular discussions in the past week. Many thanks to all those members who contributed to the conversation. Feel free to keep the discussion going in the coming weeks.


Here’s some other highlights from Workshop posts in the past week:









There were plenty of members asking for assistance in the past week. Can you help on these requests from Workshop members?





It was also fantastic to see so many terrific photos shared on the gallery recently. Have you seen @Wayne's clever cordless drill charging station, @bruceprince's raised garden beds, @robchin's candle holders, @John44's raised garden beds and @RodAndo's recycled planter box?


Many thanks to all Workshop contributors in the past week. The members who received the most likes for their posts in the past seven days were @Andy_Mann, @Wayne, @RodAndo, @JP_Finlay and @Dale.


Looking forward to reading about your projects and plans over the next week. Keep posting!



Community Manager


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