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Keeping the weeds under control

Community Manager
Community Manager

Keeping the weeds under control


Workshop community update #43


Hi all,


Weeds are a scourge in most gardens, so how to keep them under control is always going to be a popular topic on Workshop.


This week there was debate on the site about whether to put weeds in the compost, prompted by @Annette’s ongoing battle with her hubby.


Meanwhile, Workshop community members also provided help about how to get rid of onion grass in @Jeannot's lawn. I hope you have some success.


Other popular posts in the past seven days included:








This week’s poll on what you use your spare room for also prompted some interesting debate. Those who responded “to store junk” might need to do some spring cleaning over the weekend.


There was also loads of great images posted on the gallery this week. Make sure you don’t miss @robchin's candle holders, @Juliapinkiepie's tree change house, a gorgeous new backyard from @carolynwilliams, and lots of great garden pics from @Annette.


This week’s most popular contributors to Workshop were @ProjectPete, @Oldfart, @Annette, @Brad and @BibbyKat. Many thanks for your fantastic and inspiring posts.


Thanks also to those that have submitted feedback about adding a location to a user’s profile. We really appreciate your feedback. Please let me know if you ever have any suggestions about how we can make Workshop more useful for you.


Chat soon,



Community Manager


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