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Making a wooden planter for succulents

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Making a wooden planter for succulents

Hi peeps, 


I'm completely new to woodworking and in dire need of help! I tried making a wooden planter with 45 degree cut corners and glued it together with Sellys aquadhere -the first one looks okay but the rest of the corners are terrible :tear:


This was made with scap wood I found on the side of the road. I would like to try again with some 12mm thick tasmanian oak I bought from bunnings and coat it with tung oil (apparently it cures the wood and makes it waterproof?)




I want to create something like the planter on the right...any help would be greatly appreciated. Oh and I bought a corner clamp from bunnings but it never clamped the corners properly ... either that or I didnt use it properly?


Please help :grin:



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Re: Making a wooden planter for succulents

Love it!

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Re: Making a wooden planter for succulents

That looks great. I find that linseed oil yellows quite a bit on light timber, but we've still used it a lot on on outdoor planters. I prefer decking oil, but what ever you use, you'll need to sand and re-coat every now and then. I never use varnish on outdoor stuff as it always ends up flaking off. If you want to try out some higher end oil/waxes try Whittle Waxes Exterior Oil (online).

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