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What's your timber purchase process?

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What's your timber purchase process?

Hi all,


Interested in hearing more about what everyone's DIY timber purchase process is.


Do you look for brands first (or even know what brands are out there)?

Or do you research the kinds of timber first?


Would love to hear about your DIY journey

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: What's your timber purchase process?

Hi @BandofSaws,


That really depends on what type of project you are working on. I can't say I've ever considered timber brands, just whether it suits my project or not. The vast amount of projects I complete use construction grade timbers. I'd typically start by sketching out the project and selecting suitable timber sizes which are available. I'll then adjust my plans to suit.


I have a relatively good knowledge of what timber is out there to suit my needs, but I'd be keen to hear from our members about their approach. I'd suspect this can be a bit of a roadblock for some and is likely the reasoning behind your question. There's nothing worse than having an idea set in your head and then finding out there's no timber to suit. I try to remain flexible at all times and have no issues with changing my plans on the fly to make them work. Better to vary slightly than to run into a complete roadblock.


Let me mention some of our keen woodworking members @r23on, @DIYgals, @sandy_d, @prettyliving, @craftyhopper, @Chaks_DIY, @Remarka6le and @hazesnow to see if they have some thoughts.




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Re: What's your timber purchase process?

My process is as follows:

1 - Never purchase online, always evaluate in store. 

2 - What's the intended use? Is the project indoors or outdoors?

3 - Is the durability, colour and eventual finish suitable for the project?

4 - Will maintenance be an issue?

5 - Is there supply?

6 - Can I transport it? (Car, trailer or do I need delivery)
7 - Cost? (Can I get it cheaper elsewhere for the same quality?)



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Re: What's your timber purchase process?

@BandofSaws Usually when I have a project in mind I head in store and check out the timber sizes available and then finalise my project plans based on what’s available. I can’t say I ever really look at brands, but I do often compare prices to keep costs down. 

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