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How to fix or replace shower sliding door?

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How to fix or replace shower sliding door?


we have a broken sliding doors in shower.

please find the images of broken sliding doors attached.

Please suggest on repair or replacing them.

The shower frame is gold colour actually. Black paint on top of that can be peeled off.

The dimensions of each sliding door is approximately 177x29.5 cm.


no other issue except broken sliding doors.











Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: How to fix or replace shower sliding door?

Hi Mohan (@approachmhn)


Our resident Bunnings D.I.Y. expert @MitchellMc needs to attend to a family matter today, but will be able to assist you as soon as possible. 


In the meantime, let me tag a few very helpful community members to see if they can assist with how they would go about this repair project: @Brad@TedBear@CSParnell@Remarka6le@JoeAzza@MikeTNZ.


Thanks for your patience,




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Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: How to fix or replace shower sliding door?

Hi @mohan,


Considering the aged nature of the door and frame and the peeling paint and damage, I'd suggest you might like to look at replacing the sliding door. A glass panel replacement would make a great addition to the bathroom. You'd need to remove the current frame and sliding door and install the glass panel. You'll need to select a glass panel that is sized correctly for your space. Something like the Modella frameless kit would work well, provided it fits.


I believe you'd find it hard to replace the single broken panel unless you can find out the manufacturer. If the door has only come apart due to missing bolts on the top of the frame, it is possible to repair it if you find the correct-sized bolt.


Please let me know if you have any questions.




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Re: How to fix or replace shower sliding door?

@approachmhn I agree with @MitchellMc it's looking very well used but if you need to get it back together as a temp fix the corner piece you could look at some corner braces as per below.

They are zinc plated so they won't last a huge amount of time in the shower and I couldn't find any stainless steel ones but the will either screw in or pop rivet in.


Re: How to fix or replace shower sliding door?

Thank's for the mention @Jason , I agree with the previous suggestion from @MitchellMc to replace the shower, there's rust, peeling paint and a lot of sharp edges, not things you want in a shower. Bunnings do a bunch of great shower kits that are pretty straight forward when it comes to assembly, if you follow the instructions to the letter you'll end up with a fantastic new shower :smile: 




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