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How to install Estilo toilet seat replacement?

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How to install Estilo toilet seat replacement?

Hi There, 

My partner and I have replaced one toilet seat in our place and are looking to replace our two other toilet seats as well.


We chose the Estilo White Soft Close Link Suite toilet seat and it's great! But I noticed that there's a leftover piece of plastic that now doesn't line up with the new toilet seat. Is this plastic required to be there or could it be cut down/removed for aesthetic reasons only. 

Any help is much appreciated! Thanks 😊


New toilet seat





Old toilet seat (one of our other toilets)


Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: How to install Estilo toilet seat replacement?

Hello @dormane 


Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community. It's sensational to have you join us, and thanks for sharing your question about your toilet seat.


That piece of plastic you are looking at is known as the cistern link plate. It's used to hide the flushing pipe between the toilet and the cistern. It's there for purely cosmetic reasons and that is to make it look like the cistern and pan are joined together. 


Estillo has its own version of the link, it's called the Estilo PVC Cistern Link Plate. However, due to its generic profile there is no guarantee that it will fit under your existing cistern, you would also need to have the correct Estilo seat in order for it to work.


If the plastic piece is not visually bothering you, it would be better to leave it alone as removing it might require you to remove certain fittings from your cistern. That topic alone might require its own discussion post. However, if it appears that it is just clipped on then unclipping it should be a straightforward matter.


If you have any other questions we can help with, please let us know.




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Re: How to install Estilo toilet seat replacement?

Thanks for the response Eric! Appreciate your expertise. 

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