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How to replace toiler flush button?

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How to replace toiler flush button?


Hello all, this is my first post here. So a cleaner that my family hired ended up messing with one of our toilers, and now the flush button is disconnected from where it usually is located. I do not know how to fix this. I believe that the button is broken, as there is a rack on the ring that goes on the outside of the buttons. Any help or advice is appreciated!PXL_20240615_102719604.MP.jpgPXL_20240615_102729511.MP.jpgPXL_20240615_102723397.MP.jpg

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Re: how to replace toiler flush button

Hi megurem12,


This is a clear cut replacement problem however I’ll be objective.


 Steps to Fix the Toilet Flush Button

1. Inspect the Damage:
- Confirm the extent of the damage to the broken ring. The images show the flush button assembly removed from the toilet lid, indicating an issue with the mounting ring.

2. Determine the Size:
- Toilet flush buttons typically come in two sizes: 38mm and 48mm. Based on the images, it looks like the flush button in question is the 38mm version.

3. Acquire a Replacement Flush Button Assembly:
- Visit a hardware store (like Bunnings) or look online for a replacement flush button assembly that matches the 38mm size of your toilet. The assembly usually includes the button, ring, and necessary mounting hardware.

4. Remove the Broken Flush Button:
- Completely remove the old flush button assembly from the toilet lid. This typically involves unscrewing the retaining nut or releasing any clips holding it in place.

5. Install the New Flush Button Assembly:
- Insert the new flush button assembly into the hole on the toilet lid. Ensure the button fits snugly and the mounting ring sits flush against the lid.
- Secure the assembly by tightening the retaining nut from underneath. Be careful not to overtighten and crack the new ring.

6. Reconnect the Flush Mechanism:
- Connect the new flush button to the flush valve mechanism inside the tank. Ensure the linkage is correctly aligned and securely fastened.

7. Test the Installation:
- Turn on the water supply and let the tank fill up.
- Test the new flush button to ensure it operates smoothly and correctly. Adjust the linkage if necessary to ensure a proper flush.


If there are any additional questions or specific issues with the flush button installation, please provide more details or images, and I'll be happy to assist further.



Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: how to replace toiler flush button

Hi @megurem12,


Thank you for your question and welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community, it is fantastic to have you join us.


It's fantastic to see you've received such thorough advice from @PlumbMaster-Zee.


Unfortunately, there is not much more that I can add besides linking you to some options for a replacement. 


Depending on the size of your existing buttons, you can look at the Fluidmaster 38mm Dual Flush Round Cistern Button or the Fluidmaster 48mm Dual Flush Round Cistern Button.


Keep us posted if you need any further advice, there are always people in our wonderful community ready to help.




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