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Steep front yard makeover

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Building a Reputation
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New steps using timber sleepers and granite pavers as well as new garden beds helped transform a steep front garden that was hard to mow.





The project


We have a relatively steep slope at the front, which made it difficult to mow the lawn. We got quotes for concrete steps, but they were astronomical. I decided to try my hand at steps and the project evolved from there. I used 75mm Treated Pine Sienna sleepers from Bunnings for longevity and strength. 


I measured the slope and worked on the basis of the 200mm-wide sleepers being the height of each step.

Each step has approximately the same depth, so a formula was followed. I dug each step out and worked from the bottom up, anchoring each step with a 10mm Steel Reinforcing Bar to a depth of 400mm. I built each step directly onto the ground without pre-assembly.


The last step only has a height of 100mm as it needed to butt up against the concrete platform. That sleeper was attached to the concrete by 8mm Masonry Anchors.



The steps were then filled and compacted with Crusher Dust and Granite Pavers. No concrete was used at all.  



Before and after





Home Improvement Guru


Your front yard has come up nicely! I really like that you have done away with mowing :smile: Including the gravel/white pebbles for the high traffic area!

I normaly dont like pebbles in a garden bed or lawn but these look like the are fit to suit.

Nice Job



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Great job @bthederan

It looks fantastic!  Hope your muscles have recovered from shunting all those sleepers around! 

Many years ago I lived in a place with similar tiering.  One thing to keep an eye on is the effect heavy rain storms have on the beds.  The place I was in had too much soil in each section, so when it rained heavily the soil would spill over the edge and accumulate down on the bottom bed or spill onto the walkway, which made walking on the path a bit slippery in winter!  So it pays to leave a bit of room in the height of each bed so the sleeper can fence in any soil or sediment.

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