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Storage bin with adjustable dividers

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This clever storage bin can be adjusted as needed to store fiddly items. 





The project 


I saw a need at work to for a better way to store and display drum sander sandpaper rolls. They are an awkward thing to display in a tidy fashion because there are so many different lengths and grits.


I made four of these bins. Each is approximately 800mm x 350mm x 200mm. They will sit side by side for a total width of around 3200mm.


I designed and cut all the relevant pieces using my CNC machine: Four fronts, four backs, eight sides and 36 dividers using MDF in 18mm, 12mm and 3mm. I cut the base panels in 12mm MDF on my table saw.


6 dividers preview.jpg

4 Sides Preview.jpg

2 backs 1 front preview.jpg

Storage Bin 4.jpg


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Looks great!

My father made a bookshelf with trenching from a table-saw blade which you could place Masonite dividers - but it wasn't very stable.



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Hi @Wayne,

That looks really well thought out.

Thanks for sharing this!



Mike T.

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