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Cheapest, easiest flooring for a new 3x3m shed

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Cheapest, easiest flooring for a new 3x3m shed

Hi ya’all, I’ve just purchased a 3x3m garden shed and was wanting a concrete slab under it but as I’m only a poor pension I found the price a wee bit too much for me even if I did it all myself,then somebody suggested pavers or flagstones as the floor and another said make a pallet floor and anchor my shed in four corner concrete foundations? Well I’m easy and willing to give anything a go so long as it doesn’t break the bank,so PLEASE  for a capable Pensioner Lady that hasn’t got small bucks let alone big bucks to play with what type of flooring do you think would be cheapest for me?

Re: Cheapest, easiest flooring for a new 3x3m shed

Hi @Yotaboy98 , the are reconstituted ones from Bunnings about 140 thick plenty strong enough to handle a dyna bolt as long as you are not to close to the edge 

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Re: about free pallets from store for shed floor.

Hi Pip, my name is Jan and I've asked a very similar question on here this week. --- I've had several replies, I'm sorting through them to find the most practical and affordable for my needs. --- Once I've done that, if you'd like me to share what I've been told, just ask I'm very happy to share. This webpage is such an excellent resource for getting help with projects. --- One comment from a Ted Bear was to (but he was talking about concrete pavers, however, it seems like great advice for pallets too): ---- Get the area leveledLay plastic sheeting over the area. --- Install the shed over the plastic and cut off any excess. --- Add another layer of plastic inside the shed with edges sticking up inside. --- Install slabs inside, over-lapping the frame bottom to weigh it down. Trim off excess plastic inside.  --- The second layer is to keep any moisture from seeping in from outside, so that your slabs stay dry. ---- Someone else said: stabilize the shed by laying concrete pavers inside the shed on the lip around its edge, this will help to anchor the shed but also add Otter 690 x 90mm Ground Screw Stirrup to help anchor. However, I'm going to look around for a simpler ground screw. --- Good luck. from Jan
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