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Designing your project

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Designing your project

Hi, there are heaps of awesome workshop projects here, so I thought I would mention an awesome CAD computer program I use.

The program is part of a free office suite called 'LibreOffice'. The included program is 'LibreOffice Draw' which is easy to use.


When designing a project I find it better to plan it out using 'Draw' as I am able to adjust or change any part on the fly. (no wasting paper).

The program has adjustable scaling which is also handy. And also has Dimensioning.

There are also heaps of lessons on the 'LibreOffice' web site and also on YouTube.

Also, your designs are saved for future use. And can be saved as a PDF to give to others.

Cheers, Roger

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Re: Designing your project

Nice work.

But isn't the timber called Rimu?

Growing in Experience

Re: Designing your project

Hi Mike TNZ!

Yes you are right the timber is spelt Rimu!

Us Brits struggle with the lingo sometimes oops!


Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Designing your project

Excellent work on the name tag holder @Splodg! I'm sure they'll get some fantastic use out of it for many years to come. Many thanks for sharing.


After our conversation, I managed to track down an image of the set-piece my father built. I've looked several times before and could never find any recordings that included it. Not a great image, but enough to start working with.




BM.png BMren.png

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Re: Designing your project

Is that the play school rolling ball calendar? 

Re: Designing your project




 your going to make that rolling ball calendar in real life for me?

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