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How to build a low-profile stage?

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How to build a low-profile stage?


I am trying to build a simple and strong low profile stage. final area would be something like 2.4m x 2.4m So far I am thinking something similar to




4 small modules then assemble them together. The stage would be outside, the floor is pretty flat though there might be some slight adjustment to make sure all the post are levelled.

What type of wood and timber would you recommend and screws for such a project. Any brackets? Anything for the legs that could be used as leveller?




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Re: How to build a low-profile stage?

Hi @yannrandri,


We actually had a very similar question just a few weeks ago: How to build a low-level stage? by @SlimOliphantHave a look at Eric's suggestions for the type of timber to use. 


Our resident Bunnings D.I.Y. experts Eric and Mitch are both off today, but @MitchellMc will be happy to assist when he's back tomorrow. Let me also tag the ever-helpful @TedBear and @woodalwaysworks for their thoughts. 




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Re: How to build a low-profile stage?

Is this stage going to be built for a one off event like the school in the video or something for the kids to play with all the time at home, and you’ll leave it up in the garden 24/7 - if so it might be worth building it like a small raised deck, install a 100x100 post every 1200mm.

Re: How to build a low-profile stage?

Thank you for your replies.

Yes this will stay on 24/7. There will be some furniture on it constantly and one heavy item (100kg exterior chimney fire). I think the idea of a raised deck will be nice as from what I could see I may need to raise it up quite a bit ~50cm high. I am thinking something similar to

But then not sure what footing to use to get to 50cm high. would anything like could be an option?

For the top, I would not need anything fancy like solid timber... Was more thinking like something like 

The option above - not too sure which screws would be best to fix all the wood together and the footing to the wood as well.


Sounds like I got even more questions than my original post :smile:

Re: How to build a low-profile stage?

Hi @yannrandri,


Could you tell us a little more about your project? It sounds like you are making a permanent raised platform in your backyard. For this, you'd need to follow standard construction regulations and speak with your local council regarding permits. It would likely be best to treat this platform as if you're building a raised deck and follow those restrictions. Along these lines, using decking timber for the surface would likely be one of the most long-lasting options. Products like Formply are not designed to be used out in the elements and will decay quite quickly.


The exterior chimney fire raises a few questions. What exactly is this? Fires and timber platforms don't typically go hand in hand.


I'm keen to know more specifics about your project, what it will be used for, and if it is a permanent installation so I can provide suitable construction methods and products that it can be built from.




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Re: How to build a low-profile stage?

The picture I’m getting is for a raised deck to be built. I see you like information videos so check out deck construction. Posts no further than 1800mm. Use of a Bearer and Joists spaced at 450mm. Images of all those would be in a video. With your deck being raised an additional structure you should think about is a 1200 high fence around the edge, make it decorative and a feature.


For a fire pit or pizza oven, what ever the heat source is going to be. I’d build a paved area on the ground in front of my deck. Add some lights, flowers/decorative features, again I reckon plenty of pictures and videos online. Just be wary of American videos- only In American is all I can say.

Re: How to build a low-profile stage?

Hi @yannrandri 

I agree 100% with MitchellMc on the choice of materials for something that will be permanently outdoors. The Formply will allow water to pool and will rot.

Use bolts and nuts to clamp the supporting timbers together rather than screws. They will cope with the movement of people on the stage, whereas screws are best left to situations that don't have much movement because screws can come loose in time, if the material that they are in is moved a lot.

You could sit the uprights on stirrups set in concrete to keep them away from the effects of soil.

I see that @woodalwaysworks  has already listed some suitable spacing for the supports.

If you are going 500mm above ground level you will need to put some diagonal cross bracing on the legs so it doesn't twist and collapse when movement is applied.

Perhaps this video is more along the lines of what you are describing...?



(I have a stage in my backyard. It sits on a brick surround and is constructed of Jarrah, which is weather-resistant hardwood - because I had pulled down an old Jarrah-framed shed, so I had some at hand.  Mine is also covered in painted hessian, which lasts about 10years before needing a re-wrap.  Photo included - before painting the hessian to stop it rotting. And a bonus bored dog.  The floor height was chosen at 600 as this is then also OK as a seat for guests which is its most used function.) 2008-12 BkYrd Stage covering.JPG



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