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How to make a bike trailer for mountain bike cheaply and easily?

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How to make a bike trailer for mountain bike cheaply and easily?

Hi, I'm wanting to make a safe and secure trailer for a mountain bike and I'm not great at this type of project, so I was just wondering if anyone has ideas/advice on how to make one cheaply? Thanks, Dean.

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Re: How to make a bike trailer for mountain bike cheaply and easily.

Hi @Deano1,


Thank you for your question about building a bike trailer for mountain bikes. Mountain biking is how I spend a lot of my time away from work, so I'm very excited to help you with this project.


Just to clarify, is the trailer intended to be attached to and pulled by the mountain bike? Or is it a full-sized trailer designed for carrying mountain bikes? 


Could we get some photos to help clarify what you are doing? 


Depending on what you are looking to build, either the trailer that you're looking to fit out, or the attachment point of your mountain bike would certainly be a great place to start.


Either way, I would suggest you need some knowledge of welding to build something suitable. I'd be happy to offer some advice on materials that could be used once you have clarified a bit.


In the meantime, you might like to have a read of How To Choose A Welder and How To Choose A Welding Machine For Your Next D.I.Y. Project.


Let me know if you need any assistance uploading images, I'd be more than happy to help.


Also allow me to tag some of our helpful members for their assistance, @Noyade, @Dave-1, @CSParnell, @DIYGnome.




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Re: How to make a bike trailer for mountain bike cheaply and easily.

First thing I thought is it pulled by a vehicle? If so that is not something for the novice due to the strict regulations set out in the link below.


If it's for behind the mountain bike then that is a whole different kettle of fish and you would want to be looking at Aluminium for light weight but you would also look what could be purchased as a final product vs the cost of materials and time to make 

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Re: How to make a bike trailer for mountain bike cheaply and easily.

Hello @Deano1 how much cargo will you need it to carry and how much does that weigh?  What type of terrain will it be used on? 🤔

There are on line tutorials for building wooden bike trailers for around town haulage but they wont be lightweight by any means, alternatively there are single wheel trailers (fixed or with suspension) called BOB trailers that get used extensively Offroad, of the 2 types the single non suspension variant seems like a good basis for a DIY welding (or bolted angle steel) construction project. 

The pickle is how it's connected to the bike and can it permit sufficient articulation?  

Perhaps the vidaXL bike trailer (as sold at Harvey Norman) has an easier more suitable design to recreate?

All things considered... @CSParnell is correct in stating the cost of materials may exceed the purchase price of a commercially available product (unless you re-purpose, recycle and innovate) 👍

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Re: How to make a bike trailer for mountain bike cheaply and easily.

Evening @Deano1 

Mmmm Id definently be stepping through learning to weld as @JacobZ suggests, Id prob factor in @CSParnell  and @DIYGnome's thinking on overall cost. I dont have a welder and would like to learn, so factoring in that with an overall cost to build a trailer could come out on the high side.


I have used timber to create a two wheeled trailer/platform when I was a teenager. Lots of associated problems with keeping the wheel straight and in place. It was mostly for being pulled along by a human as trying to attach the weight to my bike was problematic. I kept trying as it was the only way I could scavange large pieces of timber and get them home :smile: 


Something welded is where I would go for a solid and safe build. 



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