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How to make it easier to open garage door?

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How to make it easier to open garage door?

Hi everyone and happy Christmas. I saw a device that I can attach to my garage door. I am in a lot of pain with my shoulders and I am finding it harder and harder to open the darn thing. Problem don’t know how to do it, any suggestions brenda 

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Re: Howto make it easier to open garage door?

Hi  @brendawebster44 


Yes I certainly know your annoyance at older garage doors. So Brenda lets to find the  best solotuion your you but there are a few little obsticals to navigate for best value for money.



Can you tell me   about that  device attched to a garage  door you saw please so 

I can assess it.  Todate  all I know about is electric motor  openers and chain pull roller doors openers on commercial doors



I am  going to list some options you the boss here you pick the one that suits you. Given I dont know if your door is roller or  panel lift or other so the advice is generice for all types.


1, self service

Tips you can do Brenda buy some silicon spray in a  pressure can as below. Your door simply may need a good servicing / lubrication etc

so spray the roller door guide fully, spray all /pulleys and wheels you can see and try get at  any bearings on a roller door Type into google "roller door service youtube"  you can view tips  from a  video.  Use silicon spray as wd40 works for 5 mins then gums up with dirt and dust and doubles your problems.  Buy 2 tins as you might need it into the future.

CRC 280g/380ml 808 Silicone PermaStraw   I/N: 0421648 $12.50


2  Hire a local roller door service guy with a  good google reputation ie 4 stars to 5 stars and hire the one offeing a ""free quote for repair they will tell you is they can  lubricate it for you to new.  Some will say time for a  new door say no thanks for now. get another quote.


3, The ultimate lifting device is a electric door opener.  Cost around $400 +$200 installation but they may say you need a new door (it it is bad condition and I dont know if thats true.) They may need to clean /service door parts as well back to new $200  any more than  this question them in detail.


4.  Bite the bullet and replace the whole door with electric opener added. A double  door  $2500  Let  me know if this has to happen and I research some  options for you.


Brenda  lives to short to put up with a crappy  bad   garage door  I have being there.



Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: frozen shoulder

Hi @brendawebster44,


As @Jewelleryrescue has mentioned, I'd also be keen to hear about what device you're mentioning. Typically, installing an automatic garage door opener would be the most convenient solution. You normally have these installed by a tradesperson, and we offer a convenient installation service.




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