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Interested in learning about woodwork

Just Starting Out

Interested in learning about woodwork

Hi Everyone.

I am new here and very interested in learning to work with wood..

I am looking for some free workshops to learn all about wood work, whether its DIY or building a bench or table or home improvements etc. I hated wood work at school but as I have gotten older I am more interested in making things myself to get that satisfaction of standing back and admiring it knowing I built it myself. I think it is a great gift to be able to do that.

Too many old craftsmen and women are no longer available to pass their knowledge and skills on. Too many of todays products are mass produced by machines causing the art of the craftsmen not ot be passed on down the line.

Is there any one out there that can point me in the right direction, or a retired craftsman/cabinet maker/joiner etc looking to pass on the knowledge.

Cheers Frank

Kind of a Big Deal


Hi Frank if we knew your location it would help?

In the golden age of hardware there were lots of ex tradies who had turned to retail, lot harder to find now but my local bunnies does run workshops and has run one on one sessions where you can pick someone's brain for a while on a topic of your choice.

If you have a Carbatec store nearby, they also have demo days and for a hobby slanted business they have people around who will try to answer questions.

I know in Adelaide if you jump through the hoops some of the Tafe courses are free.

Also you will find people like @Wayne and @AndrewJones who know a lot too!


Hi Frank and welcome! I highly recommend watching Paul Sellers youtube videos on handtool woodworking. He goes into high detail and his videos have a classroom feel. I learned a tonne of techniques watching Paul.
Maker, youtuber and woodworker. Watch me work wood in 24 frames per second:
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Community Manager


Hi Frank (@frankoattes)


Great to see you have already got a few fantastic suggestions from community members. I'm sure you'll find you receive plenty of terrific advice for getting started in woodworking. If you read some of our member profiles you will see we have many members who are really passionate about woodworking and about sharing their experience.


I would also like to echo @Brad's excellent advice and recommend you get in touch with your local Bunnings store as a first point of call. You will also find many helpful D.I.Y. videos on the Bunnings website.  


A very warm welcome to the Workshop community. It's wonderful to have you join us. I'm looking forward to you sharing your woodworking journey with the community. It's certainly our aim to help facilitate the sharing of information, experience and skills.



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The Mens Shed is a great organisation where you can learn from experienced craftsmen. I think there is a resurgence in hand making and there are lots of maker spaces and classes popping up around the country. I think Carbatec has a list of woodworking schools on their website.


I am new here as well and already have joined the local Men’s Shed in Ellenbrook and they are teaching me a lot. I am now keen my own storage for power tools I own and can use at home. It’s a wonderful new llife for me and have already completed a carry box for my small items.


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