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What tools does a beginner need?

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What tools does a beginner need?

I'm going to move into my own place soon and was thinking about investing in a few tools so I'm not completely depedent on others to do simple chores around the house.


What would you suggest as must-have tools for a beginner's tool box? 




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Re: What tools does a beginner need?

You'll need at least one of these!



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Re: What tools does a beginner need?

Hi Kellie, I agree with @Kermit


Every household needs a screw driver set! You can pick up a basic set for $10 from Craftright or your classic Stanley set for $28.90. Screw drivers always come in handy and both of these sets also comes with smaller prescision screwdrivers. 


If your stuggeling to work out what else you might needs you cant go wrong with the 105 piece tool bag from Supatool. It contains entry level tools but they are perfect for around the home and for $40 you get alot of bang for you buck!

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Re: What tools does a beginner need?

Hi @Kellie
My wife Carol had the same question
So I put together a few tools just for her to fit in the laundry cupboard..




It has all the basics & weighs approx. 3kgs approx 30 tools


Here's a tip

if you have more than one tool set take photos

  • know where thing are and what gets misplaced into other tool sets
  • Insurance purposes
  • organize tools  for specific tasks
  • etc,etc    

OT My favourite tool set Studleys tool chest sold for 250K, 150kgs, 300+tools

I'd take this set out of the laundry and hang it in my study

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Re: What tools does a beginner need?

I'd suggest screwdrivers, a hammer, a drill, an adjustible wrench and a set of hex (allen) keys. 

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Re: What tools does a beginner need?

Once you start doing little projects around the house, you might also want to look at an orbital sander and/or a multi tool. 

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Re: What tools does a beginner need?

First things that come to mind...
Screwdriver set
Cordless drill
Measuring tape
Tool bag
Spirit level
6.5mm masonry drill bit
Green Wall plugs
Hack saw
Stanley knife
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Re: What tools does a beginner need?

Chisels, tenon saw, #4 plane and a mallet. Plus sharpening system (:
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Re: What tools does a beginner need?



This really depends on what you intend to do, however the following should set you up.

Screwdriver set incl jewellers.  

Combination and longnose pliers.

Large and small adjustable wrench (saves on buying spanners and sockets).

Tape measure.


Stanley/box knife.

Roll of electrical/duct tape.

Packet of zip ties.

Good set of gloves.

Can of Inox/RP7 or alternative lubricating product (good for door rollers, hinges etc)

Bag to store neatly in one place so it's always ready to go.


You can always expand your kit and there will always be a task that you will need a specialized tool (ie tap spanners for changing washers, saw for cutting wood/metal etc).


Mentioned previously is a cordless drill and attachments but you should look to see if you really need it before purchasing.  The batteries don't last if they are not used.






Re: What tools does a beginner need?

Hi Project Pete ✌🏽

I'm a huge fan of yours on Instagram and when I asked this very question I was given this link.

So I was just wandering if you could perhaps expand a little when it comes to tool essentials..?

I currently have an electric sander and just got a drop saw.

My newest project is hopefully making a pallet bed base for my queen size mattress. I'm thinking I'll need some type of wood glue?

Any suggestions you have would be awesome Pete ✌🏽

Thanks, Bindi

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