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Tidying up an odd-shaped area in the backyard

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Tidying up an odd-shaped area in the backyard

This odd-shaped area in our backyard has been a tricky one to work with. We've always called it the "triangle area" because of the awkward shape of the space. One positive is that it allowed us to create a separate area away from the main backyard so it can't be seen from the living area inside the house. We plan on using this area as a potted-garden for growing plants solely in pots and containers (strawberries, japanese maple, blueberries, succulents etc.). Should we move, I'd love to bring my potted plants with me to the next place.


We thought we would share the progress so far:






The area was very damp and the ground was covered in moss. The previous owners used the raised garden beds to grow vegetables.


BEFORE: When we moved in (2021)BEFORE: When we moved in (2021)


Removing the raised vegetable beds and levelling/spreading out the soil:






We attempted to grow grass however with frequent walking along the side and our dog's daily "zoomies", the grass never took.




Planted Syzygium Resilience "Lilly Pilly" and English Box along the fence.

Bird bath is the Lotus Green Bird Bath from Bunnings.




Planted up an old, rusty fire pit with succulents. We drilled holes in the steel bowl for drainage.


Untitled design.jpg




We initially planned on having pebbles in the whole area as it is low-maintenance and the easiest solution to solving the problem of dampness, mud and weeds. However we created a larger issue for our dog who would chew on the pebbles (resulting in a chipped tooth) and he also found it uncomfortable to walk on (sadly, no more zoomies). So we went back to the drawing board and hauled out all of the pebbles from the area two days later.


Untitled design-2.png





Our new plan was to create a strip of artificial turf and then a crushed granite area for the potted garden. We used the same method to create the base layer for the artificial turf as we did for the putting green project - lay bed of crushed rock, level, compact, sand, level, re-sand, lay and nail down artificial turf, spread and brush in silica sand.


The material we used for the triangle area is a grey crushed topping (Tynong topping) that we compacted. It is similar to the orange-coloured crushed granite that you see on walking tracks at parks.


Compacting the crushed rock layer:


Rented compactor from Bunnings for the crushed rock baseRented compactor from Bunnings for the crushed rock base


Levelled the area with sand and rolled over with a water filled barrel roller then we pinned down the artificial turf - nailing down every 150mm around the perimeter and roughly every 300mm on the inside).




Spreading silica sand over the artificial turf and brushing up the grass pile.




















The area is still very much a work in progress but we're happy that the dog loves running up and down the side again it's much more comfortable on his paws.




A few things left to do for this area:

  • Brick step for the back door
  • Source a timber garden bench
  • Trim Pittosporum trees
  • Star jasmine espalier
  • Paint fence
  • Paint fascia, gutters and roof restoration


Perhaps you might have a similar area in your backyard that is tucked away and shaded most of the day that you'd like to spruce up. Feel free to share how you went about tackling an odd-shaped area like this or if you have any suggestions or ideas on how we can add to this space, please let us know in the comments 😊


Thank you for reading! 😊

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Retired Team Member

Re: Tidying up an odd-shaped area in the backyard

Really amazing project @homeinmelbourne! You have been very thoughtful in planning and I love that you took into account the zoomies that are required in the area, which are very important. What colour are you thinking of painting the fence? 


Looking forward to seeing how you create your timber benches too. 




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Re: Tidying up an odd-shaped area in the backyard



I'm blown away, not only you've added value to the house should you one day resell it, but also made functional and dog/people foot traffic-proof.

Just one note about the airconditioner, given the position and the good looking screen, the air flow might be less than ideal and cause your unit fan to labour more, but it's probably fine anyway.

Could you explain why you added sand to the artificial turf (or add a link to where it's explained)?


Re: Tidying up an odd-shaped area in the backyard

Hi @Rolando ,


Thank you so much for your kind words. Yes you’re right, it’s never recommended to put anything in front of an a/c condenser unit however we’re hoping we’ve allowed for enough ventilation given that the slats have a 30mm spacing and the screening is 250mm in front of the a/c condenser unit (more airflow than the actual fan cover on the condenser itself).


As for the artificial turf, the main reasons we top dressed with Silica sand is to weigh it down and keep the turf pile standing up. 


While there are pins holding down the artificial turf every 150mm around the perimeter edge and every 300mm in middle area, the silica sand helps avoid air gaps or lifting particularly in a high traffic area. Conversely in our golf putting green project, there are no pins holding down the middle of the putting surface and only the weight of the silica sand holds it down.


As for keeping the turf pile upright, it gives it a more “realistic” look. Here is how it looks when it is first laid - without the Silica sand/brush up. It has a flat and shiny look to it: 



We will likely need to reapply more silica sand in the coming months as everything settles. 

Hope my explanation wasn't too lengthy! Thank you again for your support.

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Re: Tidying up an odd-shaped area in the backyard


Nice job! I especially love that long straight edge and artifical grass. Understand about mossy damp areas. They can be a pain to maintain. Would love to see it in a years time.


Thank you



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Re: Tidying up an odd-shaped area in the backyard

Small photo update: 

We purchased a little bench seat for the space

5EC7BA53-8426-43DC-BE82-10557C64FFCD-FC970763-FFF1-4C1C-AE6D-2B84639F290F 2.PNG


We're thinking of growing a star jasmine X espalier on the brick wall. Something like this:


Source: Pinterest - Katrina Christison ~ Tidy GardensSource: Pinterest - Katrina Christison ~ Tidy Gardens


Has anyone had any experience with creating something like this on a brick wall and have any advice/tips on how the star jasmine can be grown (most likely in containers/pots)? Many thanks in advance.

Re: Tidying up an odd-shaped area in the backyard

Thank you @Dave-1 , yes you're right. The moss and dampness (not to mention all the irregular shapes/angles!) made it particularly tricky to figure out what to do with the space.


Thank you for the support.

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Tidying up an odd-shaped area in the backyard

You might like to check out these projects featuring climbing plants @homeinmelbourne:



Also, you'll find this article on How to create privacy by planting has some excellent information on climbing plants.


Star Jasmine makes a wonderful climber; just make sure you keep it in check with a yearly trim. It will tenaciously seek out your roof cavity and won't hesitate to push up and under your eave lining if you let it go a bit wild.




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Re: Tidying up an odd-shaped area in the backyard

Interesting info about artificial turf, will keep it in mind. Let's have a look now at your other projects so i can learn a bit more. Ciao

Re: Tidying up an odd-shaped area in the backyard

Thank you @MitchellMc for the links to those projects featuring climbing plants.

We will definitely be taking inspiration from those projects. Can't wait to get started!

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Re: Tidying up an odd-shaped area in the backyard

Wow great job looks fantastic 

Just wondering how you made the round wall around the old fire pit planter. It's given me some ideas for our 'concrete back yard' 😩 I'd like to plant small tree in it somehow to create some shade in summer and maybe lawn turf to soften the area but not sure if can lay it on concrete.

Too expensive to rip out concrete!

Thanks for sharing your ideas 

This is our currently backyard 🥺

Green tanks are temporary getting two that will go in the corner where gravel is. 

Any ideas very welcomed. 


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