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!Hi There, I want to fill the gaps in on the bottom of my colourbond fence as my neighbour hoses his fence with a gurnie often. All the gunk sprays up ...

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The planted up version. The white is almond blossom that has fallen.    Started with the Bunnings $29.99 raised garden.   Some six packs.   ...

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Hello Bunning's family, I'm we've all noticed the growth of Bunning's indoor plant section - there are more plants than paint colours!I wondered if th ...

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From site fences and dirt to greenery, Oxy shield garden edging, podium stands and stunning feature plants. This glow up has taken over 18 months ...

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Hi Folks, Just wanting advice and comparisons please. I am looking into a chainsaw for use around our garden - looking at cutting branches and tr ...

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Trees are getting higher and it's getting harder for me on a ladder, so I tried attaching an inexpensive lopper/saw onto a pool pole. Then added extra ...

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Your garden is mostly dormant in winter and the cold, wet weather makes it hard to get outside. But August marks the transition period between the ...

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From an ugly and unused space into a garden oasis! To start this courtyard and garden path makeover we stripped the area right back includ ...

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This DIY project started with my husband wanting a special place for my favourite flowers orchids. We began brainstorming areas of our backyard ...

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I started with a bare desolate space and turned it into our little piece of paradise. Bare wall, before painting

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Decided to put a small pond in the backyard for somthing to do while stuck at home alot. Ive only just started but have roughly a 1.8x1.8 square cut o ...

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