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Hiding a range hood duct

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Hiding a range hood duct

I'm looking for ideas to hide this range hood duct. I was thinking of building a three sided particle board cover to match the cupboards but was concerned about the extra weight that would add.


Thank you




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Re: Hiding a range hood duct

Hello @Cube 


I suggest using 6mm mdf instead of particle board. Its lighter and you can use 40 x 16 pine strips to frame and anchor to plaster wall so that there will be no weight on the cabinetry. 



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Re: Hide range hood duct

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @Cube. It's fabulous to have you join us and many thanks for your question.


It's great to see you've already received a helpful reply from @redracer01


What's the height between the top of the shelf and the ceiling? I note we have a Bellini 800mm Stainless Steel Flue Extension Kit which is 800mm tall. If this was close to what you have, it could be a neat and convenient way of boxing the ducting in. It would also look much nicer than the expandable ducting and could be painted white.




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Re: Hide range hood duct

It would be nearly 20 years ago when I saw an episode of Our House with the late Shirley Strachan as the carpenter for the show where he created a wardrobe at the end of a corridor. The ceiling was the focal point where he built downwards with battens glued to the ceiling and then the sides screwed into them. I replicated that idea when we had evaporative air-conditioning installed where the ducting was exposed from the ceiling and turned 90 degrees into the wall.

I believe your three-sided particle board or Red's MDF board would work based on the this principle. Mitchell's range hood duct would also apply to this method.






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