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How to level uneven tiles with wide deep grout joints

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How to level uneven tiles with wide deep grout joints

Hello community!


I’d like to ask your advice on levelling a tiled floor with lippage and deep wide grout joints please.


I want to make the floor more level and then paint it.


Allowing for its quirks, it doesn’t have to be perfect, just more aesthetically pleasing and easier to clean with a smoother surface and no dust traps.


Is it reasonable to:


  1. grind down the worst lippage with a concrete grinder e.g.
  2. use self-levelling concrete as grout? E.g.
  3. pipe the grout in using something like a large squeeze bottle or icing bag?


Other info:

  • Grout joints width varies 10-20mm wide, up to 10mm depth
  • lippage up to 5mm, worse where one tile rises and its neighbour dips.
  • Tiles measure between 215mm-230mm in length and/or width (maybe hand made and cut?)
  • I don’t know the tile material but it is rough, rock solid and very strongly adhered.
  • It’s possible/probable the concrete floor wasn’t level before tiling.
  • I wonder if I could “add” a tile edge into the drying concrete where the tiles dip down.


I appreciate any advice offered!



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Re: How to level uneven tiles with wide deep grout joints

I think your best bet is to use self-levelling compound over that flooring. Anything else is going to be lots (and unnecessary) labour, a lot of dust/mess, and most likely more costly in the end, especially given it'll be a less appealing finish after grinding, etc.


Once it's levelled a cost-effective covering will be laminate/hybrid floorboards which will also bring some new life to the space.

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Re: How to level uneven tiles with wide deep grout joints

Thanks for your responses to my post and other comment @ProjectPete ! 


I like the idea of just levelling it out and starting afresh! I’m a bit concerned about the general unevenness or slope of the floor from one side of the house to the other but can’t confirm by eyeballing or using a level.


Do you have any tips on how to get a better idea or is it time to call in a pro? 


Editing to add: I think there will be multiple low and high points so perhaps the overall slope won’t matter if the SLC levels out around those higher points? 


Thanks again!

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Bunnings Team Member

Re: How to level uneven tiles with wide deep grout joints

Hi @BobLoblaw,


I'd agree with the solid advice @ProjectPete has provided. If you are concerned about the overall fall in the room it would be best to check it with a laser level. You would simply position the laser level at the highest point in the room and aim towards the lowest point. It should then be relatively easy to work out how thick the pour will need to be to cover all the tiles over the entire slope.


The floor leveller product will find true level over the entire area regardless of how many high and low points there are.


Please let us know if you need further information or had questions.




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Re: How to level uneven tiles with wide deep grout joints

Apologies if you get a few of the same replies from me here. 

Thanks @MitchellMc  for your helpful advice. It’s always reassuring to have expert agreement! I’ll start with a laser level and, fingers crossed, will be levelling in no time! 

Have a great weekend!

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