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Kaboodle Inserts in our custom made kitchen

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Kaboodle Inserts in our custom made kitchen

So our kitchen has some really weird door sizes. We want a nice place to stash cooking oils, sauces and vinegars (I love Asian cooking!), so my dear partner had an idea... How about we get some pull out inserts to save our backs and make better use of cupboard space!




One problem... The cabinet we wanted to put them into is 220mm internally, with a 250mm exterior size! It's a bit weird for cabinets to be made this way, so we did a little research... Turns out Kaboodle is here to save our noodles! (and other dishes! Hehe)




Their 150mm cabinet inserts are actually 100mm in width! That means with some clever enginerding, we can actually make two of these fit in our space! 




And sure enough! We were right! With 20mm to spare on the inside edge as well!


We were initially thinking of bolting these directly to the door for a nice stable fit, but we may have difficulty getting access to the items in the rack closest to the wall... So, I intend on using some 100mm wide pine or some other timber to make faceplates with handles on them to allow us to pull out the racks independently


We'll keep you all posted as we make progress!

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Bunnings Team Member

Re: Kaboodle Inserts in our custom made kitchen!

That's some very clever problem solving there, @oheyitsbeano. I can't believe you managed to fit both of those units in there. It's like it was meant to be!


Since you love cooking, have you checked out our How to build a slimline spice rack? It's an equally brilliant solution for storing spices and other condiments in the gap beside your fridge.


Thanks for sharing your clever arrangement as I'm sure it will be useful for our other members with unusually sized cupboards.




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