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Can I paint this table to a darker colour?

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Can I paint this table to a darker colour?

Hi there, 

I'm a newbie here, just wanna do some DIY for the dining table.


I like this table but don't like the color of it. Can I paint table top with this colour? Would it last? Do I need to do anything before & after tinting it? Thank you so much for your help.

Watson Japan Prooftint Stain.jpeg


Below is the advertised description if if helps giving any hints of the materials. Thanks.


This dining table exudes an modern style which will make a distinctive addition to your kitchen or dining room.

Made of solid mango wood, this dining table is exceedingly stable and durable, and the exquisite craftsmanship adds to its spectacular modern style. The dining table is handmade and each step of the process is carried out with the greatest care, be it polishing or lacquering. Additionally, the steel legs complete the industrial look, along with the steel cross frame that contributes to the sturdy construction.

Important note: The bleached mango wood shows natural grains, making each of the dining tables unique and slightly different from the next; the delivery is random.

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Re: Can I paint this table to a darker colour?

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @mnmfamily2016. It's wonderful to have you join us, and many thanks for your question about staining timber.

The keyword in the product description is "lacquering". This tells us that there is a coating on the table that won't accept the Feast Watson stain. The stain needs to be applied directly to timber. Most stain and varnish products have great difficulty adhering to lacquer, and at a minimum, you'd need to sand back the coating so there is something for the new product to bite into. Even then, it's questionable as to how well your new product will bind to the previous coating. I would advise sanding the lacquer off the table entirely so you have bare timber to work with. That's the only way to ensure the longevity of your new coating.


You might wish to contact the manufacturer to clarify whether it is a lacquer coating, as they might just be using a generic term. If it was a polyurethane coating, which I find much more likely, you could give it a light sand and coat it with another coloured and compatible polyurethane product.


Please let me know if you have any questions.


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Re: Can I paint this table to a darker colour?

Great. That helps a lot ❤️❤️❤️.

And just 1 more question please: after sanding & stain, do I need to apply any other layer? I prefer the matte, nature, rough look not glossy one. 
Thanks a million Mitchell 

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Re: Can I paint this table to a darker colour?

Hello @mnmfamily2016


I suggest using a compatible product such as Feast Watson 1L Matt Clear Varnish. I recommend testing a small area in a hidden corner of the table to see if you agree with the finish. Once the varnish is dry and you like the finish, you can then paint the whole table with that varnish. 


My number one tip is to make sure that the table is in a safe dry place away from the wind and the rain while the varnish is curing. Dust from the wind or excessive moisture in the air could affect the finish of the table.


If you have any other questions we can help with, please let us know.




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