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How do you change the colour of the stain on bedside tables?

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

How do you change the colour of the stain on bedside tables?

JoeAzza's bedside drawersJoeAzza's bedside drawersMahogany is a dark and pigment rich timber colour. In order to lighten the colour to something similar to Ash, you’d need to strip back the original stain which is currently on the tables. If the timber underneath is a lighter shade you could then re-stain it closer to the colour of Ash timber.


The first step would be to sand through the Mahogany-coloured coating on your tables with a handheld sander.


Start with a coarser 120-grit sand paper and work you want up into the finer ones like 360-grit. Make sure to remove any of the sanding marks from the previous grit as you go.


Once your timber is smooth to the touch, you can apply the timber stain of your choice.


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