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How to create DIY coffee table using ceramic pot?


How to create DIY coffee table using ceramic pot?



I am trying to build a coffee table which resembles the below image, using the below pot and terrazzo table top (to be removed from the table). I would be grateful for ideas forhow to:

1. fix or glue the table top to the base of the pot once flipped;

2. whether the pot rim is flat/smooth or whether it needs to be sanded down to create a flat solid surface; and

3. what paint or strategy could be used to achieve a concrete cream/off-white finish similar to the below image.


Thanks in advance!




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Re: How to create DIY coffee table using ceramic pot?

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @Moniquepapas. It's wonderful to have you join us, and many thanks for your question about creating a D.I.Y. coffee table.


One of our members, @sammilne, has had great success glueing terrazzo with Selleys 130g Hold Up Construction Adhesive in their Travertine side table project. This style of construction adhesive appears to be the go-to for stone products. It will also bond suitably well with the pot.


The pot's rim has a relatively flat surface, but you might like to sand it smooth if you're not placing it on a rug as there might be minor imperfections. If it's going on a hard surface that could be easily damaged, I'd suggest some Surface Gard 19mm Clear Round Floor Protection.


To achieve a cream/off-white appearance to the pot, you could coat it with water-based paints. You likely want to do so with a rag and dry-brush the pot. This would be done by applying a small amount of paint onto a rag and then patting it on another surface to remove the majority of the paint. You can then pat the surface of the pot and apply a thin coating of paint. This method would be used to avoid covering the concrete texture which you'll be looking to preserve. Otherwise, you'll just end up with a painted pot, which would defeat the whole purpose and look. 


The other thing you might like to consider is using cream/off-white grout. This will leave a slightly rough texture. If you're not keen on the rough-ish texture, you could instead add some type of powder to the acrylic paint. I've used baking powder and talcum powder to make the paint more chalky and organic looking. I'll include an image of a grouted shelf I made coated in plain white grout. 


In saying all that, to my eye, that pot in the picture looks quite concrete grey and almost identical to the pot you've selected. It doesn't appear very cream/off-white to me. You might have already picked up on this, but the pot you have chosen is substantially shorter than the one in the image. It's online 30cm high which would be quite low for a table.


Let me mention @sammilne, @lieselroberts and @lifestylebymari, as they'll surely be interested and possibly have some advice to share.


This sounds like an amazing project, and I'm keen to follow along. Please let me know if you have any questions.





Pot rim.png

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Re: How to create DIY coffee table using ceramic pot?

Oh wow I love this idea and think it's going to look great! I definitely recommend the selleys hold up glue. It has held my travertine table which is around 60kg so it should definitely work for this situation! Can't wait to see the results

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