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How to paint a brown timber bedframe white?

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How to paint a brown timber bedframe white?


 hi guys


Fairly new to diy but excited to start this journey


We are wanting to convert something like this to white Hamptons style (so would leave the top (horizontal) part on each end brown but have the rest painted white


To do this would it simply be


Clean it

Sand it (could use a Ryobi sander or something) 

Prime it -


And then I could just do a top coat with something else (like some Dulux vivid white we have left over from the painters doing our walls)?


Am I missing anything here? Would I just be best off doing this with a paint brush? Do I need a top coat or sealer too?


And would wall paint eg the Dulux vivid white be safe for a bed frame ie so close to sleep on, or should I be looking for a different type of paint?


Thanks a lot



Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: repainting a brown timber bedframe white

Hi @DavidBrent,


You're on the right track, but there is an easier option and better-suited paint for the job.


I'd suggest giving the frame a light sand to scuff up the surface. There is no need to sand right back to the bare timber; just remove the gloss of the varnish. You can then apply Dulux 1Step Prep Primer, Sealer & Undercoat 1L and then once dry, apply Dulux Aquanamel. The Aquanamel is an enamel paint designed to provide a hard-wearing surface. Your current wall paint is too soft and will get damaged easily. There is no need for a topcoat over the Aquanamel.


I'd suggest applying the primer and Aquanamel with a short nap roller such as the UNi-PRO 100mm Little Ripper Mohair Gloss And Stain Mini Roller Set 5mm Nap.


Please let me know if you have any questions.




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