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Turning discarded leadlight glass doors into art

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Turning discarded leadlight glass doors into art

A free outdated, tv cabinet on Marketplace turned out to be a stained, hacked, article board mess! Those doors though -WOW! Original possom paintings on genuine vintage leadlight glass! 

A bt of research showed the glass to be from a series called 'Gumnut Valley'. There wasn't much to find but apparently they were part of a series of Victorian (the state not the era) made furniture. The wooden surrounds of the glass was solid wood unlike the rest of the piece that quickly fell apart :unhappy:


I fel in love with the doors and was determined to upcycle them!

I started with a good cleaning, removing years of cat hair, dust and carpet fluff. A wash down with Sugarsoap followed by a fresh water wipe down.

Next I removed the hardware, hinges and latches (for use on another project). I filled the holes with my handy 3 in 1 filler and gave the piece a sand with my Ozito Random sander. I normally use a 20 grit but this piece was older and I wanted to be gentle with the glass. 

I used painters tape around the glass and on where the lead touched the wood. I painted to coats of British paints interior sanding lightly between coats. I tried a paint roller and small artist brush this project as I didn't want to be scraping paint from the beautiful glass. I don't think I needed to be as gentle as I was because this thing had survived decades and was still kicking!


I carefully sealed the pieces with Polyurethane and added temporary furniture pads to the bottom of the pieces so the didn't scratch or were chipped when stood upright on a hard surface.

In the end they went to a lovely couple who travelled 2 hours to collect and will be used as feature windows in there home renovations.

*sigh* I miss them already!259267354_887228535320343_6050723765197838031_n.jpg257967560_612219183536402_1821770076309088931_n.jpg252622644_585452119443053_545258850868335121_n.jpg258468089_1029588391223112_8264374104608187010_n.jpg259071450_630988558037813_211306681621899561_n.jpg254432122_285844816774934_1299389875127877937_n.jpg253409022_420595263048497_8785018524189007146_n (2).jpg253409022_420595263048497_8785018524189007146_n (3).jpg253762029_425317358944450_5331883436971439261_n.jpg 


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Re: Turning Discarded Leadlight Glass Doors Into Art

It's amazing how a lick of fresh paint and a bit of elbow grease has given these TV cabinet doors a whole new lease on life. I trust they'll look lovely in their new home. Those possum paintings are very unique, and you've done a marvellous job of saving these from an undeserving fate.


Thanks for sharing.




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