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Upcycled bedside tables

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Upcycled bedside tables

These bedside tables were found on the footpath, missing a few handles and had some slight water damage. I sanded them down with 80 grit sandpaper using a multi tool with sander attachment and a1/3 sheet sander to get the old varnish off. Went back over with 120 grit to finish. Repaired a few dings and split top boards with Earls All Purpose Mul-t-fill, sanding with the 120 grit sandpaper. 2 coats of Zinsser 123 Primer, Stain Blocker and Undercoat, 1 painted with brush then 1 coat with roller and 3 coats of Dulux Aquanamel Dowager Grey. First coat with brush to get into corners etc then 2 coats with roller. One of these is being used as a bedside table (original handles), the other as a mini buffet to store tablecloths, napkins etc in lounge room.(Dorf Drop Round Cross cabinet handles). I already had all of the paint and materials, so total cost was $39.27 for the 3 Dorf handles. 










 Mini Buffet


 Bedside Table


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Re: Upcycled Bedside Tables

It's wonderful to see you giving these bedside tables a second life @kacharash4, and what a beautiful job you've done making them into usable pieces around your home.


Thanks for sharing the photos of your progress as well as materials and costs so that our community members can see how you went about tackling this project. Upcycling projects are popular in our community and I'm sure many will be inspired by this one.


Look forward to seeing more of your handiwork.




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Re: Upcycled bedside tables

Hello @kacharash4 


Welcome to Bunnings Workshop and thank you for sharing your project with us. That is most certainly an excellent upcycle to what would have ended up in a landfill. The fact that it did not cost you heaps is encouragement enough to our readers out there who possibly are thinking of doing the same thing. Giving furniture a second life is definitely a worth while endeavor and is great for the environment. Looking forward to your next project!




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Re: Upcycled bedside tables

Well done! I love doing up old wooden furniture.

Very hard to find nice looking wooden stuff, it's nearly all veneer these days



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