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refurbishing a flat coffee table.

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refurbishing a flat coffee table.

hey guys! 

i'm 14 and really intreaded in doing some DIYs for my new house me and my mum are getting.

we have heaps of wooden coffee tables and they have water, coffee, food and other stains. the also have some small chips.

I've watched some DIY videos on how to do it but i don't know what products to get and witch ones will work for me. 

also does anyone know if there are any home reno workshops for free or that are cheap.

thanks !

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Re: refurbishing a flat coffee table.

First things first! Congratulations on embarking on this journey of renovation! Second take a photo of the whole table and post it here. We will then give you adequate advice! Promise!

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Re: refurbishing a flat coffee table.

Welcome to Workshop @andekara. We have loads of helpful members sharing advice and inspiration every day so you've come to the right place. As @redracer01 helpfully suggested, we would simply encourage you to share a photo of the first table you'd like to restore so our members can see what you are working with.


We are looking forward to seeing how the table restoration project comes together. Please let me know anytime you need a hand getting the most from the site. 




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Re: refurbishing a flat coffee table.


Don't be afraid - it's not rocket science! You can do it easily. If you're worried, practice on a small pieces of wood first. you can ding it up and damage it etc etc and then practice on that.
What products will work is usually based on what type of finish you want on there in the end. Do you want to paint them, or put a water based polyurethane coat on it? Or would you prefer an oil based varnish, or would you like to leave the wood with a natural finish and traces of the damage showing for an 'aged' look. Or there's lime wash finishes etc. Do you want to use every piece as a coffee table, or are some just decorative or occasional tables?
If you can post a photo of what you have, and then another photo of the kind of look you want to achieve then we can all help you better.

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