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How to build a Breeze block wall?

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How to build a Breeze block wall?


Hello! I am obsessed with these blocks, but unsure how to build a wall with them? previous blocks I have seen have a channel for rebar, but the bunnings ones are flat on all sides, do you just use mortar and that’s it?

Re: How to build a Breeze Block wall

Hi @hopeaotearoa 


I am assuming your  deck is  timber. 


To answer your question can you  put breeze blocks onto any flat surface for low walls.  The higher the wall the more they fast need more traditional  concrete base and metal  support  rods.  


You are better off putting a timber frame and screwing  decorative panels too it for long term  instead of  railings


But lets  explore

Yes you can actually glue breeze blocks together with outdoor  liquid  nails instead of mortar. This will glue to timber as  well. I do it often for the odd loose  pavers etc  this  defies traditional cementing more premanent builds  but it works all the same.  I just glued a row  of glass  bricks  in a low non weight bearing garden wall it is solid looks  very good in a decorative  way only 600mm height including a besser capping glued on.

Often cemented  capping all to often can be impacted and crumble off out door building glue and polymers hold better.


Why you probably shouldnt breeze  block the deck directly

On a  timber  deck I probaly wouldnt go more than 2 breeze blocks high as they weigh in at approx 16kg each Warp your deck.

- Deck needs mantinace for longer life not possible  with bricks on it.

- Deck might need replacement later on so your wall will need to come down  best to build the breeze block wall on to the ground besides the  deck/




Re: How to build a Breeze Block wall

Thanks for such a detailed response. I do appreciate it. I will attempt to build something out of timber that has a similar look and aesthetic.  Wish me luck! 

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