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Wine barrel cupboard

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Wine barrel cupboard

I have just finished making the Wine Barrel cupboard for up the backyard.
I built it so I can store thing in it for the fire pit and wine glass ect.
I only started it last year in June 2019, and just used treated pine fence pailings

to make it, pre-bending them, I took a week to bend 4 pailings at a time.
I know it's not the normal way, to make a barrel of bend wood,
and I have never had the need to bent so much wood,
there are about 20 bent pieces, but it seemed to work ok.

The hinges are just gate hinges, I just bent to suit the angles.

I was making it up as I went. Super happy the way it turned out.

It was able to pick up everything to make this from Bunnings...



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Bunnings Team Member

Re: Wine Barrel cupboard

What an amazing project @Super_D!


I'm astounded that it is constructed from pailings and that is a true testament to your ability as a woodworker. The finish on it is fantastic as well and it would find its place quite happily in a tavern filled with dubious characters and pirates.


Did you use a caulking product between the boards at all?


Many thanks for sharing and I can't wait to see what your next project will be.


Well done.




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Re: Wine Barrel cupboard

Super thanks Mitchell,
I use Black Silicone in between the boards as silicone is like a glue and good for bonding thing together
and LIQUID NAILS Construction Adhesive for the rest then a 50ml Oak Stain did the whole barrel.
The top and the shelves are also fence pailings all biscuit joined and the tabletop is also fence pailings

 with 3mm hardwood ply on the top like a vernier. just black spray paint for the inside and the straps.

The Straps are Strap Brace held on with screws with screw caps to look like studs.

It was a Fun project....

Re: Wine Barrel cupboard

You have blown me away with this @Super_D . 😮

Looking at the first photo, I assumed you repurposed an actual barrel. 

Congrats on such an amazing project.


How long til my one will be ready and do you do free shipping? 😋

Re: Wine Barrel cupboard

Super thanks it was a fun and challenging project... But Loved it....


Kind of a Big Deal

Re: Wine barrel cupboard

Oh wow !!! Love this 😊

Kind of a Big Deal

Re: Wine barrel cupboard

Very Impressive! :smile:

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Re: Wine barrel cupboard

Thanks.. it was fun to build

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