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I know it is an unusual & weird question but I got to try and ask for advice from all brain trust here樂So my brother is setting up an accessories bus ...


Hi we are required to submit engineer drawings for the Mimosa 3.6 x6m lava Portsea louvre semi permanent gazebo and I was wondering where I can obtain ...

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Hi guys, I'm first time user here. During the lock down my local gym was closed and so as the playground. Therefore I would like to ask about buildin ...

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This is my very first post in this community I have two patios where I am planning to lay tiles. I have been following many youtube videos and instru ...

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Hi team, Looking for some advice. I have a top floor balcony that is quite exposed to weather on the eastern side and when it rains it come into the ...

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Hey Workshop! I'm hosting a BBQ for 8 friends on the weekend and rather than just trotting out the usual boring fare, I'm keen to impress them. I have ...

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Hello, my naughty pug has scratched the external glass on my windows. Any advice to get them out or less visible would be appreciated thank you

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The next project is the front of the house and I am looking for some inspiration and what plants for the garden as well. It is an 80s house and north ...

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     Hi all, hope someone can guide me in the right direction for DIY project. I’m open for different ideas to help me with landscaping but I was t ...

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Hi just wanted some advice on timber and timber size used to build a Billy cart for kids?

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Hi. I want to fill gaps between merbau decking boards (black filling preferably) and was wondering what the easiest thing to do would be. I looked at ...

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