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Hot Water Heat Pump replacing Gas hot water system

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Hot Water Heat Pump replacing Gas hot water system

I am in Templestowe, Victoria 3106, zone 4 for STC rebates. Currently have Vulcan gas hot water system for a 4 bedroom house. Wanted to change to a heat pump system as gas prices are high, and want to utilise our 7.25Kw residential solar system.


For many reasons Sanden Eco Plus is ideal but costs around $5300 to install after Federal rebates applied. Cannot apply VEECS as claim this rebate for solar homes program for our solar battery.


Here is the thing, there a cheaper heat pump such as Eco Alliance but not as effective as Sanden. I have been told Heat Pump other than Sanden usually have some problem with a 2 year period. Sanden has a 6-year warranty on the unit and 15 years on the tank and requires no maintenance.


Does anyone have any recommendations? Should I install a cheaper option Eco Alliance then install a Sanden when it is financially viable?




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Bunnings Team Member

Re: Hot Water Heat Pump replacing Gas hot water system

Hi @Jarrod,


I don't have any experience with heat pumps apart from knowing that you'd want to go for the best quality unit you can afford. Some cost calculations might come in handy. I would presume your answer lies in whether you would spend more using your current system in the period between now and when it becomes financially viable to install the Sanden, than the cost of the Eco alliance. You then need to factor in the risk of the cheaper version failing prematurely. 


I would hazard a guess to say you would be financially better off dealing with the costs of running your current system until being able to afford the more premium unit.


You might like to have a read through Screening to hide hot water systems by @ProjectPete. Within the topic, some members discuss their heat pumps and experience with them. 


I look forward to hearing the opinions of our members on the topic.




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