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How to choose the right TV cable

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How to choose the right TV cable

So your in need for a TV cable and your heading into your local Bunnings to pick one up but before you grab your keys there's a few things that a worth looking at before hitting the wall of cable.

Not all black and white cables are the same, first off there are 2 main connections 1. PAL 2. F Type.

PAL is the type that plug into the back of your TV and some wall socket it can be easily identified by not having a spinning nut on the end whereas F Type has a spinning nut.

Below is a PAL cable.

Screenshot_20220803-094329_Bunnings Product Finder.jpg

Whereas below is a F Type cable.

Screenshot_20220803-094217_Bunnings Product Finder.jpg

F Type connections can be found at TV splitters, boosters, HD boxes, wall plates and generally behind the plate throught to the antenna.


So what if you require PAL and F Type in the same cable? Well there are cables available that are just that with mixed ends, and there are also an array of converters available if yoi need to change one end or even create a right angle for tight spaces.

Below is a mixed end cable example.


 Where below is an example of one of the many converters.



Screenshot_20220803-094157_Bunnings Product Finder.jpg

And below in an example of the 2 types of connections you will find on a wall plate PAL female and F Type male.


Also a distribution amplifier showing F Type male connections as per below.

Screenshot_20220803-094305_Bunnings Product Finder.jpg


So now you have some knowledge it's best to type yourself a check list.


What type of cable eg, PAL to F Type?

What length cable?

Do you need one end right angle?

Do you want black or white if possible?


Hope that helps some of you all with identifying what type of cables you require for your TV and makes your experience shopping that much better 



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Re: Choosing the right TV cable

Hey @Noyade without testing with signal strength meters it's hard to tell you would have need to take a reading pre and post any changes. Unfortunately capturing hard data is the only true measurement.


With your Telly that's a standard PAL male and your FM that just looks like a standard PAL female.

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Bunnings Team Member

Re: Choosing the right TV cable



It appears that the range is marked not FM capable as there is potential that not all FM signals are picked up. Some could be outside these aerials capabilities, and it looks like the supplier is erring on the side of caution and marking them as not FM capable to avoid disappointment.


It looks like you've had a win with your one.




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Re: Choosing the right TV cable

Thanks very much @MitchellMc for doing that. 👍

You got a better answer than I got.


I'll take any win I can with life.



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