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Timber map project

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Timber map project

I have had this idea in my head for about 5 years. I thought it would be cool to have a coastline cut out of timber for some wall art.

With this in mind, I used some very high detail vector maps I have access to through my work to plan out what was going to be shown.


I toyed with doing all of Australia, then just the region I live in (Surf Coast, Victoria) but eventually settled on doing the entire Victorian coast line.

This ticked a few boxes in that it would cover a significant section of a long blank wall we were struggling to decide how to cover (art, wallpaper etc) and it would be at a scale where a lot of detail could be shown, but it would still be achievable with the tools I have at hand.


The finished project is just short of 4m long which puts the scale at approx 5mm = 1km


Recycled hardwood timber palings

3mm mdf for backing

1mm stainless braided wire

Picture hanging loops

19 x 45mm DAR pine (cut/routed down to a picture rail profile)

Picture rail hooks

misc screws & woodglue

Ultra Gloss finish



Coping Saw



Step 1

First I printed out the entire coastline and taped all the A4 sheets together to see how the palings should be positioned.


Once it all looked ok, I glued 7 palings onto an MDF backer board making 7 groups of 7 boards to make the whole thing more manageable. I then glued the paper layout onto the groups of palings.






Step 2

Each section was then cut out. For very detailed sections, the bulk was cut away with a bandsaw, then smaller details were cut using a combination of a fine coping saw and files.


IMG-20231006-WA0000.jpg PXL_20231005_020118230.MP.jpg

Step 3

Once it was all cut out, I then used a combination of 4mm 3D printed dowels and cabinet door clips to allow the pieces to clip together.


Then it was just a matter of hanging the sections one at a time to get the wire lengths right.


First time hanging all sections togetherFirst time hanging all sections together


Step 4

Then came the least enjoyable part of any project I do which was sanding everything and finishing.


All Sanded


All sandedAll sanded


Looking shiny


VarnishedVarnished Phillip and French Is are mounted on the same suspension wirePhillip and French Is are mounted on the same suspension wire Port Phillip Bay and surroundsPort Phillip Bay and surrounds Some detail around Corner Inlet (above Wilsons Prom)Some detail around Corner Inlet (above Wilsons Prom)


The Bondall Ultra Gloss 'Clear' Varnish had quite an unexpectedly dark tint to it, but I'm still very pleased with the final result.


Next I think I'm going to try and find someone who can make some small brass plates to put in some place names.

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Timber Map Project

What an incredibly unique and interesting project @ksd050! You must be super-thrilled with the results.


I love the use of reclaimed hardwood fence pailings and the overall effect you've achieved. The detail is just amazing!


Many thanks for sharing such a wonderful project.




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Home Improvement Guru

Re: Timber Map Project

Good afternoon @ksd050 

Man that is some effort! :smile: Well worth it and love how it fills the wall with a story.

I have thought of sketchs of the same but really like your idea of the recyled pailings and the mdf board :smile: It worked so well


Looks great!



Building a Reputation

Re: Timber map project

Absolutely fantastic work there! 

Mind if I pinch a few ideas for my own place?

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