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Weekend project - stools that double as flower pot holders

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Weekend project - stools that double as flower pot holders

G'day Everyone,


My grandfather was forever making these things for my grandmother. Stools to sit on and doubles as a flower pot holder. This is great for left over palings and what ever timber might be lying around. This is a good starter project for those who want to start in woodworking, something that you can build and tear down and re-make. The measurements are a suggestion only, you can size it to your pots or leave it as is. When it comes to building it you can modify it as much as you need to, to suit your needs. Just like instructions from the flat pack systems, build it as you see it. Good luck and stay safe this weekend.







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Re: Weekend project - stools that double as flow pot holders

Hi Red (@redracer01),


These look great! I've got some spare treated decking or some really nice hardwood fence pailings which I wouldn't mind turning into one of these. My toddler could always use a little stool to sit on and I might try building one today.


Many thanks for sharing such a solid and proven to work design.




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Re: Weekend project - stools that double as flower pot holders

This is what I like to see a set of drawings that inspire someone to take their first project 


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