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What’s the last new skill you learned?


What’s the last new skill you learned?

I've been impressed with the skills on display in this community. I've also been blown away with everyone's willingness to share advice to give people the confidence to realise that they are capable of taking on so many challenges.


I have been teaching myself sashiko embroidery and it made me realise how much I enjoyed the process of moving from incompetent to competent. (I've also been trying to learn German which is a much slower process.)


What new tricks have you picked up lately?



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Community Manager

Re: What’s the last new skill you learned?

I'm still enjoying learning the art of cooking the perfect brisket! My brother-in-law recently got a smoker so now I can nerd out with him as well. 


Let me tag @prettyliving to see what she has learned recently. 





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Re: What’s the last new skill you learned?

Hi there

As a result of mostly necessity (and my desire for perfection which doesnt come flat packed)  I've had to learn some skills in building cabinetry from scratch. It's been useful when to awkward spaces and just adding unique custom shelves to improve usability of space.


The most recent piece I did is here using the In-Built panels.


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Re: What’s the last new skill you learned?

Thanks for the tag Jason. 
I learnt a cool cleaning hack the other day while I was being lazy lol

I wanted to wipe down all the walls (kids 😏) so I put sugar soap in the mop bucket and cleaned them with the mop. 😜 Took me prob a tenth of the time that it would have taken with a sponge 👌🏻

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