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Native riverbed run

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A muddy lawn area converted into a dry riverbed run made from hardwood mulch and stones, with a small pond and native plants.




The project


A few months back I decided I needed to add some drainage around the wife's studio as it was a muddy area after rain and turned a bit of the lawn into a sludge area. Not appealing at all.

What should have been an easy dig around the studio and then put in drainage turned into something else completely. I looked at the lay of the land once digging started and thought I could do a small river bed kind of thing, and then as per normal the brain got into bigger and better mode.


I had an old pond lying around, got the tools out and it took about four months all up, on and off, and we are nearly done. 








I like hard work so I did lots of shovelling and pulling out the larger weeds, then put down a double layer of cardboard to kill anything under it. I didn't use plastic, not a fan. I used hardwood mulch and there are no silt or run-off issues.




Then I put soil in areas on top. In some places I put rocks in. 










We have had some massive storms since finishing it, and it's held up beautifully. To date I think I have only had one or two small weeds, it's worked really well. Stage 2 is a large half-moon back to the fence lines, larger flowering gums and smaller natives, and a large water feature.


Before and after






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Morning @TheSaltyreefer 

Every time I look at your project it makes me feel relaxed! It really came up nice.



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Afternoon @Dave-1 
thanks for the kind words, we love it also, its starting to get some good size to the plants which in turn is bringing the native birds in win win, I have started on some additions to the run which will take away some lawn which is a good thing (less mowing) lol

Home Improvement Guru


Anything that takes away lawn to mow is a good idea! :smile: hahahahha I dislike mowing is all.

I have berms around my front yard to do the same deal and nice video (Just watched it) :smile: One day I i'll have runoff do that, usually my yard is dry enough to absorb the rain and no real flow lines.



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This project is awesome @TheSaltyreefer , how does this go when excessive rainfall comes your way? 

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Absolutely no issues whatsoever, torrential rain poses no issues, the lay of the land works a treat and it has underground drainage that takes 90% of the water away.
Very happy with the outcome


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