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Marri wood dining table crack repaired

Finding My Feet

Marri wood dining table crack repaired

I repaired our 6-seater Marri wood dining table over the past couple of weeks, it was cracked through the entire table as well as some putty had started lifting. This table cost us $1500 brand new and cracked within 12 months, the Gum Vein structure is a feature with Marri wood and this can happen, I have seen this happen to many tables.  Some people on FB have even turned repairing Marri wood tables into a side hustle.


Wood Putty

Satin Varnish

Sand paper



Metal scraper

Heat gun

Electric Sanders

Foam paint brush


Step 1

I used the Bosch heat gun and scraper to take off the previous layer of varnish/top coat. 

You will need to move quickly with the gun otherwise you can start to burn the table.

Move the gun along while you scrape.  This heats up the varnish and makes it easier to remove. 441479274_1173942807125007_3275833022962213222_n.jpg

Step 2

1st I used my Ryobi cordless sander and continued to remove what was left of the varnish.  I had a pack of a mixed range of sandpaper so I had this opportunity to try each different grits of paper. 

I also switched over to my husband's Ozito cord sander that's in the cover image and used up some old sandpaper (Yellow role).

Step 3

I used a small scraping tool to scoop out the putty and fill the gap, I left this overnight to dry before sanding, I then used a lower grit sandpaper 80-grit to sand the putty area. 441363788_1541240330071508_7478152816824552082_n.jpg

Step 4

I then continued with some more sanding to ensure that the wood and putty were all taken back to a flush and consistent feel that I was happy with, as well as taking out any pre-existing scratches.

Step 5

I made the area safe and dust-free as much as I could, we moved the table inside the garage and before I started "step 6" I ensured my 3-year-old son was inside with my husband, instead of out the back in the sand pit, so he could not come in and try to help me with his sandy cars, again.

Step 6

The Varnish - using the foam brush I gave this a number of coats, the heat gun again helped to dry faster, I managed to get 2 coats done within 30 min, I let the table sit, the next day I gave it another 2 coats and let it naturally dry, this varnish dried surprising quick considering we're in the colder months.439287337_298923983239990_1158866674262890255_n.jpg

Step 7

And then... we moved the table back inside ready for dinner time. 

It was so much easier then I thought it would to repair, I can't believe we lived with that crack in the table for 4 years!441546584_2488495411345434_698547405428198371_n.jpg

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Repair Marri wood cracked dining table

Hello @BeckBekkers 


Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community. It's sensational to have you join us, and thanks for sharing your Marri wood benchtop repair project.


Thank you for sharing the tools and materials you used to repair the timber table. I'm truly amazed, I can hardly see where the repair occurred! If you had not taken a closeup photo of the damage I would not have suspected that the crack has opened. But I suppose that it is totally different when you are actually in front of the table.  


It's great that you've taken the time to repair your benchtop in a safe place. I'm sure our members will find your guide very useful.


Again, thank you for sharing such a wonderful project.




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Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Marri wood dining table crack repaired

Hi @BeckBekkers,


Just wanted to also extend a very warm welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community. We're so pleased to have you join us and share your projects with the community. It looks like you've got plenty of skill and experience to share. I'm sure you'll get plenty of helpful advice and project inspiration in return.


Please don't hesitate to post again anytime you have something to share or need a hand.






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Home Improvement Guru

Re: Marri wood dining table crack repaired

Evening @BeckBekkers 

What crack? is what went through my head! :smile: Woooo you have done such a nice job I cant see it on the repaired surface.


Love your explanation of the steps to remove the old and then redo with the new. 

Are you consdidering doing the chairs? :smile: 


What a great way to step into the Bunnings community :smile: Welcome :smile: Cant wait to see what else you do!




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