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Building white high gloss desk


Building white high gloss desk

Hi there,


I am needing some help.. I havent been able to find a desk i like anywhere, so I am thinking of making my own - but I cant seem to find the material I am looking for.


I am wanting to build a White desk (no drawers) with a high gloss finish.


1800L x 780H x 750D


I have attached a photo of what I am aiming for!


If anyone can help me figure out where to get the materials from and the best way to build it that would be amazing!


Thank you!



Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Building white high gloss desk

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @stefplavoulis. It's fantastic to have you join us and many thanks for your question.


I'm not personally aware of any off-the-shelf panel products in a high gloss which you could use to create this desk. Have you considered painting a timber table with a high gloss white paint? 


Let me mention a few of our knowledgable members @JDE, @Poppop, @r23on, @Noyade to see if they knew if such a product.


I'll also mention @redracer01 as he might know of something in the Kaboodle range which could be used. I note Kaboodle does the Kaboodle 600mm Cut To Measure Benchtop - Snowcicle which could be an option.




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Re: Building white high gloss desk

Looking at what you want you will have a task ahead of you. The process of getting a finish like this could be a number of process. The preparation work to do on your own would require a good understanding of finishes. some of these process could include,:-

1. vacuum vinyl rap process or

2. a two part epoxy spray done in a spray both in dust free environment 

There is another method you could investigate and that is to create your own design in acrylic, which is the buzz at the moment and can be a lot of fun in doing so.

Hera is a link that may give you some ideas 

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Re: Building white high gloss desk

"I have attached a photo of what I am aiming for!"


Would it be simpler and cheaper to just buy that desk?


I remember years ago building this little adjustable height desk that was fiddly to build and then there was the cost of materials including metal, wood, lacquer, et cetra and then discovering a similar looking product recently on the Fantastic Furniture site.

It looks better than mine and at a fraction of the cost.

Just a thought.




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Re: Building white high gloss desk

Hello @stefplavoulis 


You can build this using AraucoPly 2250 x 600 x 30 clear pine FJ Laminated panel. 3 x panels conservatively. How you join it together will be the the thing to think about. There are over a dozen types of joins you can use from simple butt joins to mitered channel joins. You may want to use heavy duty decking screws to join these thick pieces of timber together to prevent swaying and shearing. I suggest looking up paint finishes in google in order to achieve that tough high gloss finish your aiming for as there are ways to paint it in gloss but you want the finish to last and be tough for day to day use. It all comes down to how complicated or simple you want to assemble this table. Below are the suggested measurements for you to achieve the picture you posted.



Redstefplavoulis1.jpgScreenshot_2020-09-30 AraucoPly 2250 x 600mm 30mm BC Deco Plywood.png




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