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How to use an old desk top

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How to use an old desk top

I like Wally’s Walpamur paint, this is the fence paint being used on a table.  A large circle and a smaller circle, with legs that look like the letter “G”, to get an Art Deco table. 




 Sizes, the middle is like a housing joint, so the two sides can be held in place. Made from 3.4cm thereabouts desk top.



Note, to make it easier, use the already straight edge of the table, instead of trying to cut another. I found the section when the smaller circle goes was out, so two nursery pots were used as a jig to get the level with the top circle.  When using the jig saw to make the circle, don’t look at the blade, look ahead where the notch is at the front of the jig saw. Follow it all the time, if the final is out a mm, who cares.



Re: how to use an old desk top

Thanks so much for sharing this project @Jamespeter100. Could you tell us a bit more about how you created the legs? How have you fastened everything together? For the benefit of other community members who are inspired to build something similar.




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Re: how to use an old desk top

That a very creative re-purposing of an old desktop @Jamespeter100! I really like the leg design, and you've certainly nailed the art déco brief.


Many thanks for sharing the additional details on how you went about building the project.


Great work.




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