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Planter stands

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Planter stands

PlanterStands.jpegAfter being inspired by  @joineryjo  planter stands, I decided to make my own similar/same as  @joineryjo .

The only difference is that I used Tasmanian Oak, DAR, 32x32 mm  for the legs and 42x19mm for the cross sections.

I also cut my own mortise and tenon, instead of screws, all the joints were glued with a water proof glue (Titebond 3), and added a slight taper to the bottom part of each leg, to do this I made a small taper jig for my table saw. For the cross sections, I cut the middle section out using a pull saw and chisel, however, I then set up my drop saw at the depth required and cut the rest that way, much easier and more accurate. The mortise and tenon's on each leg were cut on on my router table.

I have also made a third stand, however, not yet assembled, I need to buy the pot for it, this stand is slightly wider, the others will fit a 200mm dia pot, the third one will take a 250mm dia pot.

Please see photo's attached.

I would like to thank  @joineryjo  for the inspiration, hopefully someone else in the workshop community will be inspired to do the


IMG_8198.JPGIMG_8198.JPGIMG_8199 - Copy - Copy.JPGIMG_8200 - Copy - Copy.JPGIMG_8204 - Copy.JPGIMG_8206 - Copy - Copy.JPGIMG_8207.JPGIMG_8208 - Copy - Copy.JPGIMG_8209 - Copy - Copy.JPGIMG_8210 - Copy.JPGIMG_8212 - Copy - Copy.JPGIMG_8213 - Copy - Copy.JPGIMG_8215 - Copy - Copy.JPGIMG_8216 - Copy.JPGIMG_8217.JPGIMG_8225.JPGIMG_8226.JPGIMG_8228.JPGIMG_8230.JPGIMG_8232.JPGIMG_8234.JPGIMG_8250.JPGIMG_8251.JPGIMG_8257.JPGIMG_8264.JPGIMG_8266.JPGIMG_8276.JPGIMG_8277.JPGIMG_8278.JPGIMG_8280.JPGIMG_8281.JPGIMG_8285.JPGIMG_8289.JPGIMG_8292.JPGIMG_8293.JPG


Community manager's note: Want to build your own plant stand? Experienced Bunnings Workshop member @JoeAzza has shared a full step-by-step guide How to build a planter stand with a full list of tools and materials required.  

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Re: Planter stands

Looks great and so professional!

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Community Manager

Re: Planter stands

Just wanted to point out to all visitors to this popular discussion that @JoeAzza has shared step-by-step directions with a full list of tools and materials here - How to build a planter stand


Please share with us your creations if you build your own.






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