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Turning discarded leadlight glass doors into art

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Turning discarded leadlight glass doors into art

A free outdated, tv cabinet on Marketplace turned out to be a stained, hacked, article board mess! Those doors though -WOW! Original possom paintings on genuine vintage leadlight glass! 

A bt of research showed the glass to be from a series called 'Gumnut Valley'. There wasn't much to find but apparently they were part of a series of Victorian (the state not the era) made furniture. The wooden surrounds of the glass was solid wood unlike the rest of the piece that quickly fell apart :unhappy:


I fel in love with the doors and was determined to upcycle them!

I started with a good cleaning, removing years of cat hair, dust and carpet fluff. A wash down with Sugarsoap followed by a fresh water wipe down.

Next I removed the hardware, hinges and latches (for use on another project). I filled the holes with my handy 3 in 1 filler and gave the piece a sand with my Ozito Random sander. I normally use a 20 grit but this piece was older and I wanted to be gentle with the glass. 

I used painters tape around the glass and on where the lead touched the wood. I painted to coats of British paints interior sanding lightly between coats. I tried a paint roller and small artist brush this project as I didn't want to be scraping paint from the beautiful glass. I don't think I needed to be as gentle as I was because this thing had survived decades and was still kicking!


I carefully sealed the pieces with Polyurethane and added temporary furniture pads to the bottom of the pieces so the didn't scratch or were chipped when stood upright on a hard surface.

In the end they went to a lovely couple who travelled 2 hours to collect and will be used as feature windows in there home renovations.

*sigh* I miss them already!259267354_887228535320343_6050723765197838031_n.jpg257967560_612219183536402_1821770076309088931_n.jpg252622644_585452119443053_545258850868335121_n.jpg258468089_1029588391223112_8264374104608187010_n.jpg259071450_630988558037813_211306681621899561_n.jpg254432122_285844816774934_1299389875127877937_n.jpg253409022_420595263048497_8785018524189007146_n (2).jpg253409022_420595263048497_8785018524189007146_n (3).jpg253762029_425317358944450_5331883436971439261_n.jpg 


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Re: Turning Discarded Leadlight Glass Doors Into Art

It's amazing how a lick of fresh paint and a bit of elbow grease has given these TV cabinet doors a whole new lease on life. I trust they'll look lovely in their new home. Those possum paintings are very unique, and you've done a marvellous job of saving these from an undeserving fate.


Thanks for sharing.




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Re: Turning discarded leadlight glass doors into art

Hi, I can't help notice that you have the exact piece of glass that I've had in my front door for 13 years until recently my son kicked his footy straight through it & the person who originally made it has since passed so would you at all be open to selling this piece & if so, how much would you consider accepting for it? Many thanks in advance :smile:

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Re: Turning discarded leadlight glass doors into art

Hello @BrookelynF


Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community. Thank you for joining the discussion.


I'm sorry to hear about your son's football mishap with the door. Let me tag @DanaR so that they are made aware of your question. Would it be possible for you to post a picture of the door? This will allow our members to assess the condition of your door. They can then make possible recommendations on how to repair it.


If you have any other questions we can help with, please let us know.




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Re: Turning discarded leadlight glass doors into art

Absolutely gorgeous @DanaR 😍

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