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Fencing screening assistance

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Fencing screening assistance

The fence between my property and neighbour on the high side is a wooden pailing fence sitting on a concrete retaining wall. We have the rail and post side.

My original idea was to attach cement board to the rails and then attach a PVC green wall to the two outer panels and decorative screens on the centre panel. I have already attached the boards which also give privacy due to the gaps in the good neighbour fence. 

I would like to change this idea to something similar to the attached picture. 





Would would be the best material to use noting niche corners and gaps in boards etc.

Any solutions or ideas different to mine are appreciated.

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Projects Editor

Re: Fencing assistance

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @Midyandy. It's great to have you join us, and thanks for sharing your project idea.


Let me tag @ProjectPete, @Chaks_DIY and @MitchellMc who may have some helpful suggestions to get you started.


Your reference pictures look fantastic and I'm excited to see this project come to life.




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Bunnings Team Member

Re: Fencing assistance

Welcome, @Midyandy and many thanks for your question.


I believe creating the framework for the niches would be best done before installing the exterior sheets. It would also give you a deeper niche if the sheets were run over the posts instead of within them.


You'd frame out the niche with 90 x 35mm H3 MGP 10 Treated Pine Outdoor Timber Framing affixing it to the fence rails. The sheeting would then be fixed over the top. You can either cut the niche out of the sheets before or after fixing them. Once the sheets are in place and you have cut out the opening, you can then line the inside walls of the niche with cement sheeting screwed into your frame. The external and internal corners need to have Builders Edge 50mm x 90m Alkali Resistant Render Fibre Cement Tape applied to them and before being topped with Dunlop 8kg Fibre Cement Jointing Compound. The compound can be sanded and then painted to blend in with the sheeting.


I'll add some images below to illustrate further.


Please let me know if you have questions.





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