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Planning to build a timber picket fence and gate to enclose our front garden. We will have a section that runs part of the dividing boundary with our ...

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HelloI have a patio, with a roof that appears to be made from a Flatdek type roof sheet. The problem is during summer it gets really hot underneath.I ...

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Hi, I have purchased a Wireless security camera that I would like to place under the eave outside my Garage. The Camera has a short piggy-tail power ...

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Hello, I am completely new to painting, just need someone advise me whether I can paint the painted wood fence without sanding? If so, what sort o ...

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Hi, I’ve decided to regrout and reseal our outdoors balcony due to loose grout and effervescent. I would like some advise on how to get started and pr ...

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Hi guys, I'm first time user here. During the lock down my local gym was closed and so as the playground. Therefore I would like to ask about buildin ...

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I'm hoping to embark on a decking project, but there are some challenges. I've attached some photos of the site, a diagram of posts, bearers and joist ...

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how to clean poured limestone path eg detergent type and power washer pressure.

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Hi team, Looking for some advice. I have a top floor balcony that is quite exposed to weather on the eastern side and when it rains it come into the ...

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    Hi All, My house was build on late 30s and has a small veranda at the front, was planning to enclose the area to give it some use as it gets dir ...

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I know it is an unusual & weird question but I got to try and ask for advice from all brain trust here樂So my brother is setting up an accessories bus ...

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Our 20 year old tongue and groove hardwood (veranda covered) timber deck was/is showing minor signs of rotting on the end grain of the timbers. I have ...

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